1997 F310B & FW19 by VRC for GP4 - beta release

Posted by MSchumi24 
1997 F310B & FW19 by VRC for GP4 - beta release
Date: May 31, 2019 07:43PM
Posted by: MSchumi24
Hello to all guys! Today I have great news!

Some time ago I published screenshots of 1997 F310B and FW19. Those cars were from VRC, converted for GP4 by me.
Being 1997 my absolute favorite season and wanting to relive it in GP4 in HQ, I asked VRC members for permission to share my work with you.
Well, with extreme kindness and availability, VRC Team in the person of Matias has given me permission to release these conversions!

Here for you 1997 Ferrari F310B & Williams FW19 by VRC Team converted for Grand Prix 4 - beta release

Download 1997 F310B - beta

Download 1997 FW19 - beta

In the archives you will download, you will find shape, textures, even trackspecific liveries and above all templates!
In fact I repeat this is a beta release. Because I'm not entirely satisfied with the result I got, especially with Ferrari.
I therefore ask the whole community, if anyone feels like improving the shape, even starting from the template I attach in z3d format. You would really help me a lot!

Finally WARNING: Don't use shape, textures or templates or parts of them for other works that do not concern GP4!
VRC Team has given me permission to use its files exclusively for Grand Prix 4, and therefore I assume any responsibility in the aforementioned case!

If you wonder where to find the helmets you see in the screenshots, ask jvinu2000.
As for the wheels, they will be released soon!

I can only wish you good fun;-)
Fantastic news, thank you so much for converting these beauties and thanks VRC for their fantastic work and permission for release! :)
Wow, thanks a lot (Y)

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Thank you !
amazing cars thanks you(Y)
Great job :-o (Y)
They look absolutly stunning mate! :)

Will we see more 97 cars? :)

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Soulbringer has worked on some of them, and they are works of art! I hope he's quietly been able to make some progress on them :)


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Re: 1997 F310B & FW19 by VRC for GP4 - beta release
Date: June 03, 2019 10:57AM
Posted by: fongu
thanks for getting permission, glad to see these released for GP4 :)

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Thanks. :)

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Re: 1997 F310B & FW19 by VRC for GP4 - beta release
Date: June 04, 2019 08:16PM
Posted by: dimakap
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