advices legends mod

Posted by santos16 
advices legends mod
Date: May 27, 2019 07:18PM
Posted by: santos16
Hello amigos,
Im doing a mod for my personal use, for long long long time.
I gave up deciding it alone.
I have some issues where maybe some of you can help me.
first i have chosen the drivers.
the chosen list
Senna (mp4/4)
Prost (mp4/2 or fw15)
Piquet (bt52 or fw11)
Mansell (fw14)
Schumacher (f2002 or f2004)
Gilles (f312t or C126)
Peterson (lotus 72 or lotus 79)
Emerson (lotus 72 or m23)
Alonso (renault 2005-06)
Vettel (RBR)
Hamilton (Mercedes)
Mika (Mclaren 98-99)
Kimi (mclaren or ferrari 2007)
Lauda (f312 or mp4 or mp4/2)

not decided yet
damon hill
jose carlos pace
jacques villeneuve
jim clark
jm fangio
s moss
s belloff
j button
nico and keke rosberg
james hunt
mario andretti
jackie stewart.
g hill
j brabham

This is my first big issue

second issue is that i still dont have some cars.
but specially lotus 79 and lotus 88 (banned) i got in different formats which i was not good enough to convert to gp4.
less urgent m23 of 1976 (james hunt)

third issue is the sound of the cars. Id really like to have it differently from one to another

fourth issue the cockpits. I will probably use some cockpit which doesnt have any in 1986 mod and just use with matching colors.

Another issue the i have is that I might not use the old cars (really old as fangios mercedes) and instead match them in new cars. Id like to know if someone would like to make new helmets for this drivers which did not use a proper one (moss, fangio, hill not necessary i can use of his son, ascari, brabham, and clark)

For now this are my most important issues.
This mod will be for my own use. Im a huge fan of this game, used to play with my dad and brings me amazing memories.


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