Track-specific liveries/helmets not loading for 2006 Mod

Posted by sjwilson1977 
Hi All,

I'm a complete newbie to GP4, having raced on F1 Challenge for the last 6 years, doing seasons from 1999-2005. Whilst I've really enjoyed F1 Challenge, I thought it was time to move over to GP4 and the one thing I've noticed from my brief time in practice is how realistic the AI is compared with F1 Challenge. I love the fact that AI makes mistakes, lock brakes, run wide, it's awesome!

One thing I'm hoping you guys can help me with is getting the track specific car liveries and helmets to work with Tony's awesome 2006 mod (which I downloaded from GP4Italia).

Now I'm slowly getting myself used to CSM, but I'm pretty sure I have everything installed correctly. However, if I do a GP weekend in Bahrain for example, the Ferrari and the Renault are using the non-tobacco liveries. And also, the Super Aguri second driver's helmet is the pink helmet of Montagny, whereas it should be the Red/Yellow/White helmet of Yuji Ide.

My understanding is that CSM is meant to automatically load these liveries, depending on which track I select. Is this correct? Or am I meant to change something under the Carsets folder?

I know its a small detail, but I would really love to play a full season and use all of the correct liveries and helmets for each of the race weekends. Any help you guys could provide me would be really appreciated. This looks like an awesome forum for GP4!!! Over 700 pages!!!! WTF!
Look I've already solved: []

In this version all trackspecific liveries and other stuff are correct!
MSchumi24 - Thanks so much for the reply mate. Really appreciate it! Downloaded the 2.o version of the mod and it's working like a charm!!

Now I'm trying to get my head around how to set up my pedals on an old Logitech Momo Force wheel, but I can see lots of posts on this one already, so let's hope I can work it out.
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