Graphics settings question

Posted by AustinF1 
Graphics settings question
Date: March 23, 2019 10:42PM
Posted by: AustinF1
Through upgrades in my hardware, graphics card, ect, I have endeavored to maximize the graphic display in my GP4 simulator setup as newer high performance monitors have become affordable. I have been able to set all the custom graphics settings to "all" or high with 50-60 FPS. However, the resolution settings in the game want to max out at 1024X728. When I choose a higher setting, ie 1600X1200, the game blinks and defaults back to 640X480(?). Not my biggest problem in life but any thoughts on that?
Re: Graphics settings question
Date: March 23, 2019 11:32PM
Posted by: TomMK
In f1graphics.cfg set the first value on line 1 to "1" and then set your monitors resolution on lines 2 and 3, like this:

1			; f1graphics.cfg controls all settings (default 0)
1600			; [RELEASE] Game 3D Horizontal Resolution
900			; [RELEASE] Game 3D Vertical Resolution


Intel NUC 8i3, 8GB RAM, MS Sidewinder Wheel
Re: Graphics settings question
Date: March 24, 2019 02:46PM
Posted by: AustinF1
Thanks for the tip, Tom. I'll try that.
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