Renault R.S.19 | Haas VF-19 | Williams FW42 | Racing Point RP19 | Mercedes W10 [Released]

Posted by Hega 
Thanks again(Y)
Thank you again!
Super dooper work! Thanks master

Impressive work in a short time! 4 cars in a row, yet! Thank you very much Heikki! (Y):-)


Absolutely stunning.
cant wait for a 2019 mod to be available
Hega, you are the man.

Thanks guys for the nice words :)

I've updated Renault, Haas and Williams with Bahrain textures now, new links on pg1.
Thanks for the cars Hega. Fantastic work as always. (Y) (Y)

Glenn (Cdn)
Fantastic work Heikki thank you.!!!hot

" Perfection is not a gift ....... it comes with practice."

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Thanks big.

My Grand Prix 4 Files

I'm a total dick. How many people can say that?
Thank you Hega. Fantastic cars!
Great updates, thsnks Heikki.
Great job, still wait another car
Thank you very much for this updates!
How to get the shapes into the CSM Mod 2018? I saw, that some shapes have not the sam name like in the 2018 CSM mod..
Thanks for helping.
Mercedes W10 released

Fantastic work again Heikki, thanks :)
i cant thank you enough great works ,now alfa romeo and mclaren :)
Thanks a lot Hega , great car as usual
You also plans AlfaRomeo and Mclaren?

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