ZaZ Tools are doing my head in!!! [FIXED! Thanks kedy89]

Posted by madotter 
Re: ZaZ Tools are doing my head in!!!
Date: July 07, 2019 07:41PM
Posted by: phantaman
run the installation and did everything as recommended (do not install grand prix 4 in your default folder)? did the installation of the other tools to edit the GP4 in standard folders? <= not so .. this is the wrong way. The recommended is => create a folder in the HD files (if there is a ssd there), become owner of this folder with write permissions and install everything there. the bid is simple and fast. there is no mystery as long as the instructions are followed exactly.


RELEASE => 2019 physics (under FIA Technical Regulations) !
MagicDatas? Setups? Pit Stop Strategies? Track Specific Performances? Up2Date France GP?
Power Torque Curve? Where's this stuff? All download is available at Upward - GPx !
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