Team Editor and new tracks

Posted by AustinF1 
Team Editor and new tracks
Date: January 13, 2017 02:15AM
Posted by: AustinF1
I have downloaded almost every aftermarket track for GP4 I have found on here and have a blast playing the game. In full disclosure, I'm not a GP4 pro and run with driving aids most of the time and my seven year old runs on it more than I do. I use Team Editor to "tweak" the driver performance (Up) and have created a half dozen files that basically start with the driver having a slight performance bump up to a substantial one of plus 15%. What I have run into and cannot figure out is my "tweaks" definitely work on all of the 17 original GP4 tracks and most of the aftermarket tracks. But some of the aftermarket tracks are not affected by the "tweaks" at all no matter what settings I input, as though the data settings of these tracks are "locked" somehow and cannot be tweaked. Any advice on what to use or where to go with this issue would be most appreciated.

Thanks sincerely,
Re: Team Editor and new tracks
Date: January 15, 2017 03:59AM
Posted by: esv
With the help of Team Editor you can really reach a limit to improve highway travel time (if set the "fair" power settings, etc.).
To fine-tune the car physics on different tracks needed cmagic4_102.exe. It creates MAGIC DATA files (description on the forum).
Works 100%, thanks to its creators. Good luck!
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