Maxi82 thread!! tracks and new tracks wips (NEWS= NEW LINKS)

Posted by maxi82 
this is Buenos Aires 1998, i've got it from Jorge. Am i really the only one who has the tracks?

quickslick Wrote:
> this is Buenos Aires 1998, i've got it from Jorge.
> Am i really the only one who has the tracks?
> []
> nos_Aires_1998.rar/file

Is that the right one? I have one called Buenos Aires V2 with a loading screen like the one in the OP - but it's twice the size in mbs. If anyone needs it I can upload it but only on 4shared where I have an account.

Mexico 1988 can be found in the 1988 trackpack. I don't know if it's actually Maxi's version (or derived from it) but it drives well. Again, if you can't get it elsewhere I can upload it as a stand alone, although mine has been edited a little bit.

I never had Rosario.

It's a bit late now maybe, but thanks for the great tracks Maxi. You definitely made it into the Hall of Fame IMHO. Excellent stuff.
yes, please upload Buenos Aires v2, because mine is the wrong track
There you go, Buenos Aires v2. Judging by the timestamp on the wad I've probably made some slight texture edits in the past but as far as I remember it's pretty stock.
thank you very much :), btw, if you have the other v2 tracks, it would be great, if you could uplod them aswell

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Only this one.


I have some of the other circuits but none are marked v2. The links in the OP were already pretty broken by the time I got there.

Isn't Jacarepagua with that loading screen a v2 though? I have that if you want it.
quickslick Schreef:
> here they are, there's sadly missing Rosario and
> Hermanos Rodriguez 1988 :(. Would be great, if
> someone could upload both tracks from Maxi
> []
> i_Tracks.rar/file

Here you have all tracks i have from Maxi

Rosario and
> Hermanos Rodriguez 1988

They are in the file

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thank you so much Teunis and Noog for the files(Y) :-). Japarepagua 1988 isn't v2, i think and the track is in the package from Teunis included, but thank you for your offer Noog:)
I need Assen!
luquinhacosta94 escribió:
> I need Assen!


my works
If possible could you please give me a link for Laguna Seca it seems to be not working anymore. :)
Thank you :)
I have a version of Rosario, but unfortunately it is not working. Could the friend make the original file available? I would appreciate it very much.

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