GPGSL S9 R13 - Austrian GP - A-1 Ring [Race online p205!]

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GPGSL S9 R13 - Austrian GP - A-1 Ring [Race online p205!]
Date: October 08, 2013 09:55PM
Posted by: GPGSL
The GrandPrixGames SuperLeague is an AI based series using the WGP and W300 model.

Races are run by one of the race directors. You don't have to drive yourself, the computers decide the results.

The Grand Prix 4 AI based GrandPrixGames SuperLeague is the intellectual property of No other grand prix gaming website can use this model without the express permission of the GrandPrixGames SuperLeague.

The GPGSL Governing Body for S9-2013

Mal - Rules of Sport and Race Director GPGTV
Stu - Rules of Sport, Performance file edits and Race Director GPGTV
Maikel - Rules of Sport and 2D/3D Artist
Jake - Series Activity Checker
John - Performance file verification and Race Director GPGTV
Tobias - Official GPGSL Results and Championship & Boost Tables
Ruben - GPGSL Mod work and updates

The GPGSL race events are covered by GPGTV/, GPGSL and selected guest Race Directors and broadcast to this thread live.
The official GPGTV/ website is: []. This website is updated after each event so don't forget to drop in.

Send your cars, helmets and CSM Mod updates to: Ruben


SEASON 8 WDC Ed Greenhalgh - Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 7 WDC Ed Greenhalgh - Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 6 WDC Ed Greenhalgh - Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 5 WDC Nick van der Voort - Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 4 WDC Matt Houston - Velox
SEASON 3 WDC Philip Oakley - Team Shadow Subaru
SEASON 2 WDC John Warrington - Team Shadow Subaru
SEASON 1 WDC Philip Oakley - Scuderia Minardi Lamborghini

World Constructors Championship
SEASON 8 WCC Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 7 WCC Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 6 WCC Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 5 WCC Aston Martin Racing
SEASON 3 WCC Team Shadow Subaru
SEASON 2 WCC Team Shadow Subaru
SEASON 1 WCC Scuderia Minardi (aka Van Smirren Motorsports)

GPGSL Miscellaneous downloads - Report broken links
Helmet Shape Arai GP-5 RC 2008 and template:
GPG-TV Presentation Video (wmv format 58MB)
S3-S7 Car Shape 1 (SMD-ZG01) and template V1.00
S7-S9 Car Shape 2 (SMD-ZG02) and template V1.01
Boost Graphics by Maikel Boost Overlay Graphics
Season 4 In-Game Track Map gpi's by MDBSnake Season 4 Track Map GPI Set
Season 4 Track Loading Screens (Game ready) by MDBSnake Loading Screens
Season 4 Track Loading Screens (Screens-copy to Tracks-edit settings) Loading Screens
Season 5 Trackpack by Ed (SchueyFan) Season 5 Track Pack
Season 6 Trackpack by Ed (SchueyFan) Season 6 Track Pack
Season 7 Trackpack by Ed (SchueyFan) Season 7 Trackpack

GPGSL Mod downloads - Report broken links
Season 1 2008 CSM Mod GPGSL S1 2008 CSM Mod
Season 5 Test Drivers CSM Mod Latest S5 Test Drivers CSM Mod
Season 5 Race Drivers CSM Mod Latest S5 Race Drivers CSM Mod
Season 6 Test Drivers CSM Mod Latest S6 Test Drivers CSM Mod V1.40
Season 6 Race Drivers CSM Mod Latest S6 Race Drivers CSM Mod V1.40
Season 7 Test Drivers CSM Mod Latest S7 Test Drivers CSM Mod V16
Season 7 Race Drivers CSM Mod Latest S7 Race Drivers CSM Mod V16
Season 8 Race Drivers CSM Mod Latest S8 Race Drivers CSM Mod V15
Season 8 Test Drivers CSM Mod Latest S8 Test Drivers CSM Mod V15
Season 9 Race Drivers CSM Mod Latest S9 Race Drivers CSM Mod V13
Season 9 Test Drivers CSM Mod Latest S9 Test Drivers CSM Mod V13

GPG Super League Wiki Page GPGSL Wiki

1. Martini Paddock Racing
Engine Lancia
Tyres Pirelli
Owner Dan Paddock (Ferrari2007)
RD1 #1 Ed Greenhalgh (SchueyFan)
RD2 #2 Charrel Jalving (Charrel)
TD1 #37 Dan Paddock (Ferrari2007)
TD2 #38 Gianluigi Silvestre (Gigi4)

2. Aston Martin Racing
Engine Aston Martin
Tyres Pirelli
Owner Stuart Ingers (Stoopid)
RD1 #3 John Maverick (JohnMaverick)
RD2 #4 Jack Elleker (JackHammer)
TD1 #31 Stuart Ingers (Stoopid)
TD2 #32 Christopher Hinz (n00binio)

3. One Racing
Engine Audi
Tyres Pirelli
Owner Rodrigo Vilela (Rod_vs)
RD1 #5 Stefan Van Renselaar (racingstefan)
RD2 #6 Carlos Rodríguez (Carlitox)
TD1 #33 Rico Van Smirren (Rico)
TD2 #34 Marcus de Bruyker (Brett Sinclair)

4. Van Smirren Motorsports
Engine Mitsubishi
Tyres Bridgestone
Owner Rico van Smirren (Rico)
RD1 #7 Matteo Scala (senna9194)
RD2 #8 Chris Warrington (mightymariner)
TD1 #35 Kevin Schröder (Kev188)
TD2 #36 Emanuel Domenech (RenaultRS10)

5. Team Shadow Mercedes
Engine Mercedes
Tyres Bridgestone
Owner Tom Pellatt (brunoboi)
RD1 #9 Ruben Greidanus (Turbo Lover)
RD2 #10 Tobias Kederer (kedy89)
TD1 #39 Daniel Thomas (mclarenaustralia)
TD2 #40 Dean Kittleson (Diax F1)

6. Southern Cross Racing
Engine Holden
Tyres Bridgestone
Owner Mal Stoddart (mortal)
RD1 #11 Ross Cartwright (RAC5)
RD2 #12 Joseph Gilson (Addrodoc)
TD1 #41 Maikel de Boer (MDBSnake)
TD2 #42 Greg O'Brien (Mullet345)

7. Snake Motorsports
Engine Snake Motorsports
Tyres Pirelli
Owner Maikel de Boer (MDBSnake)
RD1 #14 Jo-Anne Hayes (Jo-Anne)
RD2 #15 Jason Mathew (jasonS26)
TD1 #43 vacant
TD2 #44 Mal Stoddart (mortal)

8. True North Racing
Engine BMW
Tyres Pirelli
Owner Dan Mills (danm)
RD1 #16 Norbert Horvath (nhorry)
RD2 #17 Tommi Karjalainen (Vomit)
TD1 #45 Dan Mills (danm)
TD2 #46 Aidan Keranen (FlyingFinn19)

9. Demon Racing
Engine Holden
Tyres Bridgestone
Owner Glen Sheppard (shep34)
RD1 #18 Jake Legge (Incident 2k9)
RD2 #19 Sebastian Nell (xSilvermanx)
TD1 #47 Glen Sheppard (shep34)
TD2 #48 Matthew Allington (smoglessbutton4)

10. MAC Racing
Engine Ford
Tyres Bridgestone
Owner Nathan McGregor (Macca25)
RD1 #20 Michael Pedersen (Pedersen)
RD2 #21 Maximilian Schieder (knacki012)
TD1 #49 Nathan McGregor (Macca25)
TD2 #50 Natã Cremasco (natasp)

11. JHR Developments
Engine Maserati
Tyres Pirelli
Owner Jack Hunsley (Twigster151)
RD1 #22 Gareth McCarthy (gareth)
RD2 #23 Eric Moinet (EricMoinet)
TD1 #51 Jack Hunsley (Twigster151)
TD2 #52 Giovanna Michail (giomich)

GPGSL Teams Reserve List:

Greidanus Grand Prix (Turbo Lover)
Pulsar Racing Team (Incident 2k9) Racing (JohnMaverick)
JMW Motorsports (JohnWarrington)
Team Alpha (SchueyFan)
Ecurie Mistral (EricMoinet)
Repsol Team Prost (xSilvermanx)
Australis Mercedes-Benz (gareth)
Équipe Goddard (RenaultRS10)
Tyrant Motorsport (Mullet345)
Brunner Motorsport (Wurz)
Arrows (mclarenaustralia)
Warrington GP (mightymariner)
Pizza Party Racing (smoglessbutton4)

SEASON 9 Official race calendar

The GPGSL reserves the right to change venues for S9

Round 1: Australian GP - Albert Park - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 2: Japanese GP - Suzuka - 19% - 10 AI Errors
Round 3: Malaysian GP - Sepang - 50% - 40 AI Errors
Round 4: South African GP - Kyalami (Classic Layout)‎ - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 5: Spanish GP - Jerez‎ - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 6: Canadian GP - Montreal - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 7: US GP - Road America - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 8: Brazilian GP - Interlagos - 25% - 40 AI Errors
Round 9: Belgian GP - Spa-Francorchamps - 75% - 40 AI Errors
Round 10: European GP - Donington Park - 75% - 40 AI Errors
Round 11: Dutch GP - Zandvoort - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 12: Italian GP - Monza - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 13: Austrian GP - A1-Ring - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 14: Czech GP - Brno - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 15: German GP - Hockenheim (Classic Layout) - 19% - 40 AI Errors
Round 16: French GP - Dijon-Prenois‎ - 19% - 40 AI Errors POSTPONED
Round 17: British GP - Great Britain - 50% - 40 AI Errors

Melbourne is always the season opener and Silverstone always closes the season, the other 5 venues are reserved, but their positions on the calendar are not yet set. The GPGSL membership will vote on the other 10 race venues.

GPGSL S9 2013 Race Drivers Starter Perf

** GP3edit - Performance File **

[Team #00]
Name=Aston Martin,Racing
First Driver=3,John Maverick,16054,500,16087,500
Second Driver=4,Andrei Sevastian,16051,500,16083,500

[Team #01]
Name=One Racing,Audi
First Driver=5,Stefan van Renselaar,16049,500,16078,500
Second Driver=6,Carlos Rodríguez,16044,500,16074,500

[Team #02]
First Driver=7,Matteo Scala,16049,500,16078,500
Second Driver=8,Chris Warrington,16033,500,16060,500

[Team #03]
First Driver=1,Ed Greenhalgh,16064,500,16095,500
Second Driver=2,Charrel Jalving,16050,500,16082,500

[Team #04]
First Driver=9,Ruben Greidanus,16054,500,16084,500
Second Driver=10,Tobias Kederer,16050,500,16079,500

[Team #05]
First Driver=11,Ross Cartwright,16044,500,16077,500
Second Driver=12,Joseph Gilson,16040,500,16070,500

[Team #06]
First Driver=14,Connor Steer,16038,500,16063,500
Second Driver=15,Dominic Brunner,16024,500,16052,500

[Team #07]
Name=True North,BMW
First Driver=16,Norbert Horváth,16046,500,16075,500
Second Driver=17,Owen Edwards,16041,500,16072,500

[Team #08]
Name=Demon Racing,Holden
First Driver=18,Jake Legge,16043,500,16073,500
Second Driver=19,Zsigmond Somogyi,16040,500,16074,500

[Team #09]
First Driver=20,Michael Pedersen,16040,500,16071,500
Second Driver=21,John Warrington,16052,500,16083,500

[Team #10]
First Driver=22,Gareth McCarthy,16038,500,16070,500
Second Driver=23,Eric Moinet,16036,500,16067,500


Team #00=0
Team #01=0
Team #02=1
Team #03=0
Team #04=1
Team #05=1
Team #06=0
Team #07=0
Team #08=1
Team #09=1
Team #10=0

Team #00=7
Team #01=7
Team #02=7
Team #03=7
Team #04=7
Team #05=7
Team #06=7
Team #07=7
Team #08=7
Team #09=7
Team #10=7

GPGSL S9 2013 Test Drivers Starter Perf

** GP3edit - Performance File **

[Team #00]
Name=Aston Martin,Racing
First Driver=31,Jack Elleker,16043,500,16069,500
Second Driver=32,Christopher Hinz,16034,500,16061,500

[Team #01]
Name=One Racing,Audi
First Driver=33,Rico van Smirren,16043,500,16078,500
Second Driver=34,Marcus De Bruyker,16027,500,16057,500

[Team #02]
First Driver=35,Keeley Grant,16028,500,16056,500
Second Driver=36,Emanuel Domenech,16020,500,16050,500

[Team #03]
First Driver=37,Monil Santilal,16037,500,16067,500
Second Driver=38,Gianluigi Silvestre,16035,500,16063,500

[Team #04]
First Driver=39,Daniel Thomas,16037,500,16064,500
Second Driver=40,Dean Kittleson,16034,500,16061,500

[Team #05]
First Driver=41,Maikel de Boer,16046,500,16075,500
Second Driver=42,Greg O'Brien,16031,500,16061,500

[Team #06]
First Driver=43,Jo-Anne Hayes,16026,500,16056,500
Second Driver=44,Mal Stoddart,16041,500,16071,500

[Team #07]
Name=True North,BMW
First Driver=45,Dan Mills,16049,500,16082,500
Second Driver=46,Tommi Karjalainen,16026,500,16055,500

[Team #08]
Name=Demon Racing,Holden
First Driver=47,Glen Sheppard,16041,500,16068,500
Second Driver=48,Sebastian Nell,16036,500,16066,500

[Team #09]
First Driver=49,Nathan McGregor,16035,500,16065,500
Second Driver=50,Maximilian Schieder,16020,500,16050,500

[Team #10]
First Driver=51,Jack Hunsley,16043,500,16071,500
Second Driver=52,Chris Copeman,16020,500,16050,500


Team #00=0
Team #01=0
Team #02=1
Team #03=0
Team #04=1
Team #05=1
Team #06=0
Team #07=0
Team #08=1
Team #09=1
Team #10=0

Team #00=7
Team #01=7
Team #02=7
Team #03=7
Team #04=7
Team #05=7
Team #06=7
Team #07=7
Team #08=7
Team #09=7
Team #10=7

How to join the GPGSL
Joining the GrandPrixGames SuperLeague is easy. First, find a team with a vacancy (check the entry list). Send a pm to the team owner expressing your interest. Usually you will have to get a test seat first.
Over time, your performance file will improve and you have a chance for a transfer to a race seat if a vacancy occurs. Once you have joined the series, you may join the Teams Waiting List if you wish to do so. A requirement on joining is that you must supply a helmet, in tga format to Turbo Lover for the CSM Mod. If you are on the Team Wait List, your cars should be game ready once your team is at the top of the list.

Guest Race Directors
If you would like to assist the GPGSL and run an event, send a pm to mortal and nominate your round. You can if you wish to do so, run the entire round. That is free practice for the test drivers, qualifying and the race.
What do you need to do it? Fraps and freeimageconverter. Ask mortal for the links.
Reduce all your screens to 800x600, upload via (strip the last line-uploaded by imageshack) from the entries. Provide a riveting commentary with the screenshots. Edit the final result screen and pm mortal with the link for official results posting by the GPGSL. The free practice can use the 9 key display for the final results. Race results include the driver best laps screen.
For uploading the coverage you will be provided with the account details.

Previous Topics

GPGSL Season 1
GPGSL Season 2 4,012 posts
GPGSL Season 3 3,488 posts
GPGSL Season 4 3,563 posts
GPGSL Season 5 4,371 posts
GPGSL Season 6 4,140 posts
GPGSL Season 7 3,887 posts
GPGSL Season 8 Part 1 4110 posts
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GPGSL Twitter Directory

Ed Greenhalgh - @ed24f1
Dan Paddock - @CosmicDanzo
Carlos Rodríguez - @Carlitox_F1
Jake Legge - @JakeyyBL
Owen Edwards - @o_ensan
Monil Santilal - @Monza972
Rodrigo Vilela - @rodvs8

Edited 122 time(s). Last edit at 09/23/2014 01:54PM by GPGSL.
GPGSL S9-2013 Rules

Rules are subject to amendment by the GPGSL
S9 Rule changes are highlighted in red

1) Shapes
a) You can choose between two shapes: the SMD ZG-01 or the SMD ZG-02 by Snake Motorsports. Download links can be found in the first post.
b) The helmet shape is the Arai GP-5 RC 2008 shape by MDB_Snake. Download links can be found at the top of this page.

2) Tyres
Teams can choose from two suppliers: Bridgestone & Pirelli.

3) Team allocation
a) Teams may NOT be sold off, given away or ownership transferred by any means at any time throughout the series.
b) When one existing team leaves the series, the next team entering the grid will always be considered a new team. The transfer of teams is no longer allowed.
c) There is a grid entry waiting list for people who want to become a team owner. The first person on the list will get the chance to fill an open grid slot whenever a vacancy occurs.
d) Grid slots are to be allocated to the first team on the waiting list. If the allocation is rejected, the application is sent to the bottom of the waiting list and the grid slot is offered to the next team on the list.
e) Jumping the team allocation queue is disallowed in any situation.
f) The GPGSL will deny any joint ownership of a team.
g) The GPGSL will allow an existing team owner to appoint a temporary team manager for the duration and or remainder of one season only in the event of illness or other circumstances excluding removal by the GPGSL.
At the close of the season, the team owner is to resume responsibility for the team. If the team owner does not resume responsibility for the team, the team is effectively wound up and the grid slot is made available to the next team on the grid entry list.
h) The GPGSL reserves the right to deny entry to the series.

4) New teams
a) All new team entries will use the base perf:
[Team #00]

5) Team ownership
a) A team owner may not race for his/her own team.
b) A team owner may not race for another team.
c) A team owner may test for his/her own team.
d) A team owner may test for another team.
e) A team owner can rename an existing team. The race-director is to be advised of any change one race in advance.
f) Teams and drivers must supply the GPGSL a livery and helmet. Pit box, pit crew and garage are optional, but encouraged.
g) If a team owner does not meet the Activity Rules and receives three warnings, the GPGSL will hand the ownership of the team to the No. 1 driver of the team for the remainder of the season. Should the No. 1 driver not assume responsibility for the team the GPGSL will allocate the grid slot to the next team on the waiting list.
At the close of the season, the grid slot is allocated to the next team owner on the entry waiting list. The GPGSL recommends that the existing drivers of the now defunct team be given preference for seats.
h) Team name changes are not permitted during a season.

6) Drivers and transfers
a) New drivers will use the base perf:
First Driver=21,Driver ******,16020,600,16050,600
b) Transfers can only be completed if both parties (team and driver) agree.
c) The Race Director and Race Steward require notification one race in advance of any driver transfers and changes. Driver changes should be sent to the Performance File Editor (Stoopid). If you don't do that, it's your own fault if your driver changes are not implemented for the next race.
d) Drivers must supply the Race Director with their helmet. Helmet updates are permitted throughout the season. Game ready files must be sent to Ruben.
e) Teams are allowed a total of three driver changes throughout a season.
f) It is prohibited for two team bosses to drive in the same team.

7) Engine Rules
a) Any real or fictional engine manufacturer may be used.
b) Engine BHP is capped at 810Q, 830R
c) New team entries will use 780,800,800 which is the base perf.
d) Using team bhp boost, a team can exceed the engine cap limit.

8) Livery and advertising
a) Tobacco advertising is not permitted. Some European countries do not allow the uploading of images containing tobacco advertising.
b) Livery updates are at the discretion of the Race Director. Livery updates must also have a one race notice. Game ready files must be send to Ruben.

9) Car numbers & Pit garages
a) Cars are numbered as in F1
Team 1 = no's 1* and 2
Team 2 = no's 3 and 4
*No.1 car is reserved for the previous drivers championship winner. No.2 for his team mate.
b) There is no number 13 car.
c) All cars must display their numbers, on the car nose and on the rear wing end-plates.
e) A new team that enters after the season has started with be allocated 24 and 25. If those numbers have been taken, then it will be 26 and 27 and so on.
f) Pit-lane slots are decided by the Constructors Championship.
g) Team owners are encouraged to supply pit-crew, garage and pit box for inclusion in the series.

10) Race length
a) Race is set at a number of rounds reflecting 40 minutes of time, including ONE mandatory pit-stop.
b) Qualifying session: Length of qualifying is 30 mins. 11 consecutive cars and 6 laps. This will give each driver 2 timed laps. Gpxset is used.
c) The length of free practice is 30 minutes. Test sessions are run at the discretion of the RD, screens optional.
The GPGSL occasionally runs NO POINTS feature events at the discretion of the Race Directors.

11) No unfair advantage rule
a) To ensure that no cars have an unfair advantage, all teams have the same pit stop strategy, which will be set in the track magic data.
b) The pit stop strategy is determined by GPGSLRS before the SEASON. All cars are required to make 1 pit stop in every race of season 9.
c) When a driver fails to complete a pitstop within a race, he/she will receive a 12:5 second time penalty which will be added to the driver's final end of race time in all weather conditions.
d) If the RD has set magic data (e.g. number of stops) incorrectly, RD has an option of a re-run prior to posting the race online. Otherwise time penalties will be applied to anyone that stopped only once.
The RD does not have to avoid one stopper with a rerun, if MD has been set correctly.
Race classifications and the perf points will be adjusted to reflect the time penalty.
[RD = Race Director MD= Magic Data]
e) Any additional pit stop for changing the tyres will not be seen as unfair advantage as long as the magic data for pit stops is set correctly.

12) Qualifying rule
a) If a race has to be repeated due to rules of article 11 or if its length is set incorrectly, and qualifying has already taken place, the qualifying results will be declared as valid. The race performance file is edited using Custom Grid Tool to place the drivers in qualifying order for the race.

13) Weather
a) With the exception of desert races (e.g. Dubai) - which will always have a 0 % rain chance - and usually wet tracks (like Spa or Silverstone) - which will have 75 % rain chances, the usual chance of rain value is 19 % for all other races. The value is set at the discretion of the GPGSL.

14) Activity
The spirit of the GPGSL is, that this series and thread is active and fun. Ideally not made out of "ghost" drivers or team owners. Therefore the following rules regarding activity were made. In the following rules, 'activity' is regarded as making a post. This can be done with a PR release, press conference, giving an interview or a simple comment. The sky is the limit, be creative.

a) General
Every fourteen days, the whole members list will be checked for activity. If a member of GPGSL has not been active for fourteen days or more, a warning will be issued. Both team bosses and drivers will be checked for inactivity. All warnings will be erased after the season ends.

b) Drivers
When a driver receives a warning, the team boss will be notified by the GPGSL. He will need to make sure his driver is active in the series, it is his responsibility.
Warnings have the following consequences:
- First warning: a 20 point perf penalty
- Second warning: a further 20 point perf penalty + demoted to tester if a racer for 2 races
- Third warning: forced retirement from the series for the remainder of the season. Members will be allowed to return the following season.

Forcing an inactive driver out of the series prevents the team owner from keeping on an inactive driver for perf purposes. If a driver receives a third warning, the driver leaves the series, whether he had a valid reason in retrospect or not. If the driver has a valid reason to be inactive, it’s up to the team boss to decide whether to let him back into the series in his old position or not.

c) Team bosses
ca)All team bosses are checked for activity. From the commencement of Season 7, team owners that are inactive will receive the following penalties.
- First inactive penalty: a 10 point constructors title reduction.
- Second inactive penalty: a further 15 point constructors title reduction.
- Third inactive penalty: Team forfeiture. The team will be passed intact to the number 1 race driver for management till the end of the season, whereupon it will then be passed to the first person on the team waiting list.
cb) In the event of the team boss being removed from the series, either by penalty or by any other means, the GPGSL will pass the team management to the first driver on that team for the remainder of the season. At the close of the season, the team slot will be allocated to the next person on the team waiting list.

d) Prior notices
A team boss or driver can give prior notices for inactivity, for example a holiday or a known loss of internet connections. In such a case a driver or team boss will not receive warnings. The notices have to be given by the team boss or driver himself, others cannot do that for him/her! Also absences need to be reasonable in time and reason!

e) Off season
In the off season, activity is not checked. We feel that in the off season, not much happens and therefore you shouldn't be forced to post. After the last race, activity checks cease. The first check of the new season will be one week after the first race.

f) Errors

fa) When a driver receives a warning, but has a valid reason that caused him not to be able to post in the thread, the warning and the perf deduction will be erased.

fb) When the GPGSL has given a driver a warning, but shouldn't have, the penalty will be erased and a boost will be added for next race.

Example: Driver A says in the thread that he will be on holiday for two weeks. For whatever reason, that hasn't been considered by the activity checker and Driver A gets a warning. Along with the warning, he receives a perf penalty of 20. He races one race with the penalty before the mistake is spotted. This has given this driver an unfair disadvantage. To make up for this, Driver A will have an additional 20 boost at the next race. Obviously, his warning will be erased.

Why does the driver get a 20 boost at fa) but not at fb)? At fa) it's the GPGSL fault for giving out a warning that shouldn't have been issued. At fb) it's the drivers fault. He should have mentioned that he was away. Of course, it is not always the drivers fault. Internet can break down. But we can't cover those things as well. We only cover those things that are specifically our fault.

Additional Amendment: Drivers and team owners should notify 'in-thread' (as well as by pm service to the GPGSL), notification of future inactivity during an activity check period.

15) Drivers championship points system:
For S9, drivers championship points will revert back to S1-7 levels, but perf points will stay at S8 levels.
a)Position/Championship/Driver Perf
1st / 15pts / 15.0pts
2nd / 12pts / 12.5pts
3rd / 10pts / 10.0pts
4th / 9pts / 9.5pts
5th / 8pts / 9.0pts
6th / 7pts / 8.5pts
7th / 6pts / 8.0pts
8th / 5pts / 7.5pts
9th / 4pts / 7.0pts
10th / 3pts / 6.5pts
11th / 2pts / 6.0pts
12th / 1pts / 5.5pts
13th / 0pts / 5.0pts
14th / 0pts / 4.5pts
15th / 0pts / 4.0pts
16th / 0pts / 3.5pts
17th / 0pts / 3.0pts
18th / 0pts / 2.5pts
19th / 0pts / 2.0pts
20th / 0pts / 1.5pts
21st / 0pts / 1.0pts
22nd / 0pts / 0.5pts

Fastest lap – 1 pt
Pole position – 1 pt
Most places gained - 1 pt

b) If two drivers gain the same amount of places, the driver who finished the race in the highest position will win the point.
c) Points are only allocated to those drivers which GP4 classifies as having finished.
d) On DNF, drivers are not eligible for points based on the finishing position or the point for most places gained.
e) A point for Pole position and/or fastest lap is still awarded after a DNF.
f) In the Friday Free Practise the following points system is used:

For S9, testers championship points will revert back to S1-7 levels, but perf points will stay at S8 levels.
Position/Championship/Qualifying perf points/Race perf points
1st / 15pts / 15.0pts / 12 pts
2nd / 12pts / 12.5pts / 11 pts
3rd / 10pts / 10.0pts / 10 pts
4th / 9pts / 9.5pts / 9.5 pts
5th / 8pts / 9.0pts / 9.0 pts
6th / 7pts / 8.5pts / 8.5 pts
7th / 6pts / 8.0pts / 8,0 pts
8th / 5pts / 7.5pts / 7.5 pts
9th / 4pts / 7.0pts / 7.0 pts
10th / 3pts / 6.5pts / 6.5 pts
11th / 2pts / 6.0pts / 6.0 pts
12th / 1pts / 5.5pts / 5.5 pts
13th / 0pts / 5.0pts / 5.0 pts
14th / 0pts / 4.5pts / 4.5 pts
15th / 0pts / 4.0pts / 4.0 pts
16th / 0pts / 3.5pts / 3.5 pts
17th / 0pts / 3.0pts / 3.0 pts
18th / 0pts / 2.5pts / 2.5 pts
19th / 0pts / 2.0pts / 2.0 pts
20th / 0pts / 1.5pts / 1.5 pts
21st / 0pts / 1.0pts / 1.0 pts
22nd / 0pts / 0.5pts / 0.5 pts

Only testers will be allocated points. So if a racer ends 6th, he won't get his 17 points. The tester who ends 7th will get 16 points, not the 17 of the racer.

16) Perfs
a)Drivers points are added to the performance and subtracted from the variance eg: If a driver scores 10 points his performance shall differ from 16020,600,16050,600 to 16030(+10), 590(-10), 16060(+10), 590


b) Perf system for teams
Total driver points are subtracted from the variance.
Total driver points are divided by six, then added to the BHP. When the outcome has a decimal, the whole number will be added to the BHP, the decimal will be saved until another whole number is reached.
Example: A team scores 10 points. 14/6=2.3333. 780+2=782. The .3333 will be saved until the team gets the remaining 0.6667 to make a whole number.
Example: The team scores 11 points. 11/6=1.8333. 1.8333+0.3333=2.1667. 782+2=784. The .1667 will be saved.

ba) Engine Caps - No further points are added to the BHP once the engine cap is reached.
Engine BHP is capped at 810Q, 830R

bb) Driver Caps - No further points are added to a drivers perf once the driver cap is reached.
Driver Perf is capped at 16150 for the race perf and 16180 for qualifying.
If a driver reaches a race perf of 16150, but has a qualy perf of 16170, only his race perf will be capped. His qualy perf will be allowed to improve to 16180. And vice versa. Perfs will still be calculated beyond the cap, just not added until after the last race for the following season's starter perf.

The 2013 GPGSL Starter perf for new drivers & teams:
[Team #00]
First Driver=21,Driver XXX,16020,500,16050,500
Second Driver=22,Driver YYY,16020,500,16050,500

c) Carrying over of perfs to the next season for drivers
At the end of the season:
All existing teams variance numbers are reset to 800
As of S9, all existing driver variance numbers are reset to 500

Season 3 starter performance file (on page one) becomes the default for next year when it comes to drivers. Like Season 4 starter perf will be the default for Season 5 and so on. All drivers gained performance points in this season divided by three(so called formulated perf points) , will be added to starter season 2 performance file.

Let's say Janis E. scores 100 race performance points, and 121 qualy perf points this season.
First Driver=5,Janis E,16051,600,16081,600 is his Season 2 starter perf, so

Janis E.16051+100/3, 16081+120/3, =16084,600,16121,600 will be his Season 3 starter performance file (and also default for season 4 where formulated perf points gained from season 3 will be added.)
The divided number must be over 0,5 to get whole 1 point.

Last year we divided drivers perf points (of course from races within no unfair advantage) at the end of the season with 2, because we had 10 races, this year we have 16, so we divide it by three. If we will have 20 races in calendar we will divide it by four.

Cca 10 races=divide by 2
Cca 15races=divide by 3
Cca 20 races=divide by 4

No driver will have a starter perf that is 10 points higher than the next driver down after the end of season adjustment. The higher driver's perf will be reduced to 10 points more than the lower driver.

d) Carrying over of perfs to the next season for teams.
Team's gained BHP however will be added to 780,800,800 formula, and all gained(although unused because of the cap) BHP this year divided by number of races (16 or less, if there are in breach of no unfair

advantage rule). Previous season's BHP are scrapped.
So in theory differences between teams will be 7 bhp ( to team 807 and last 800 at the start of every season.) The divided number has to be over 0,5 to get 1 BHP and so on.

If a driver who has participated in season 1 does not get a seat in season 2 f.e. and since there is a Friday test »series« in season 2, but he consciously decides that he will not be a part of it, then there is no excuses.
He'll take season 2 starter perf file in possible season 3.

If he somehow misses it due to no fault of his own or there isn't a test series in season down the line, the factor that multiples his previous season efforts is his average.

Driver x,16038,600,16038,600 , his season 2 starter, so he scored 18 formulated perf points in season 1, so another 18 would be counted in for season 3.
We implement the average in it.
16038,600,16058,600 +18=16056,600,16076 would be his starter season 3 formula.

Team's BHP are divided by number of races (that are within the no unfair advantage) rule. So if a team gains 39 BHP in the season/divided by 10 races is 3,9, thus to the closest whole number 4, which is added to the default 780,800,800. It goes from 780,800 to 784,804. for next season.
The divided number has to be over 0,5 to get 1 BHP and so on.

e) Team Boost
Team boosts are allocated to the teams in regards to their championship position in BHP points
Team 1 +12 BHP
Team 2 +14 BHP
Team 3 +16 BHP
Team 4 +18 BHP
Team 5 +20 BHP
Team 6 +22 BHP
Team 7 +24 BHP
Team 8 +26 BHP
Team 9 +28 BHP
Team 10 +30 BHP
Team 11 +32 BHP

These boosts will be used in every session of a weekend. The boost will increase the teams speed, but also decreases the reliability. Team owners are in control of their own boost strategy, so only the team owner can send in the boost application unless special permission for one of the drivers has been granted by that team owner, only in case the team owner can't send it in himself for various
reasons, i.e. on vacation, sick.

By using a bhp boost a team can exceed the set engine cap limit.
Boost for Round 2 can be submitted after Round 1 Friday Practice.
Boost for Round 3 can be submitted after Round 2 Friday Practice etc.
Deadlines will be posted for Boost submissions as usual by Stu.

f) Boost Spread
Teams can spread the boosts over the season in the way they prefer. There is no minimum or maximum of boost BHPs that have to be used (but it can’t exceed 24 obviously).

The corresponding failure rates are:


g) New teams that enter the series after the season started will not be allocated their full BHP boost. They will be allocated boosts according to the following formula:

(Amount of events passed / total amount of events on the calendar - 1)*24.

h) Driver Boost
Drivers will receive 100 extra performance points for six race weekends they can choose themselves, the boost will be sent in by PM to GPGSL acount and in advance, before the deadline, of the

coming race. Info on which drivers have boost will be posted together with the performance for that race by Stu (Stoopid). Boost will affect both qualy & race points. No boost is permitted for Round 1.
If a driver enters the series after the 3rd race, the driver will get 5x100 points to set.
If a driver enters the series after the 6th race, the driver will get 4x100 points to set.
If a driver enters the series after the 9th race, the driver will get 3x100 points to set.
If a driver enters the series after the 12th race, the driver will get 2x100 points to set.
If a driver enters the series after the 15th race, the driver will get 1x100 points to set.
Minimum or maximum boost at once is always 100 points.

If a test driver becomes race driver, he/she does not get any new boost, the boost will just be used in qualy/race instead of free practice.
Boost for Round 2 can be submitted after Round 1 Friday Practice.
Boost for Round 3 can be submitted after Round 2 Friday Practice etc.
Deadlines will be posted for Boost submissions as usual by Stoopid.

17) Protests:
a) Teams and drivers have 24 hours after the race results have been posted to notify the race director of any dispute or protest.

18) Bugs
a) A known AI issue is two drivers from the same team pitting at the same time. This may result in one or both drivers of the team being prevented from finishing the race. In this instance half of the points are awarded by the race director based on the drivers positions before the first pit stop of the race or at their last known positions prior to the first pit stop.

19) Helmets
a) Race and test drivers require a helmet prior to the start of a season.
b) Submit helmet files (tga format please) download link to Stoopid.
c) Updates are permitted throughout the season.

20) Entries
a) All new entries, (teams, test and race drivers) are to be approved by the GPGSL before they can sign on to the series.
b) The GPGSL governing body reserves the right to deny entry without explanation.
c) This rule does not affect current teams, test and race drivers already on series participation contracts.

21) Calendar
a) The calendar has 17 tracks. The following 7 tracks are always on the calendar: Interlagos, Melbourne, Monza, Spa-Francorchamps, Montreal, Silverstone and Suzuka. For the remaining 10 venues all

participants of the GPGSL can vote with a top ten of their choice. The 10 tracks with the most votes will end up on the calendar. Melbourne is Round 1, Silverstone is Round 17, the remaining venues are chosen at random. Oval tracks and tracks with known bugs will be excluded from the calendar.

22) Driver contracts
22) Driver contracts

Contracts are defined as unwritten agreements between parties. As such they are a Gentleman's Agreement and therefore binding. The GPGSL will, if asked to do so, mediate on contract disagreements.

Note: The following rules have been defined to allow all parties entering into contracts to be aware of their obligations and to uphold their agreements in the spirit of the GPGSL series.

a) Duration of any contract is by agreement of all parties.
b) Contracts are valid and binding as soon as both parties have agreed to it. Contracts do not have to be announced immediately, but teams must announce their driver lineup prior to the first race of the season and are requested to do so as soon as possible to avoid confusion for other team managers and to allow sufficient time for the GPGSL to build the mod.
c) Once a driver has entered a contract to drive for a team for any duration, that driver cannot drive for another team during the specified contract duration without approval from their team owner.
d) If a driver breaks off a contract and drives for another team without the agreement of the team owner, that driver will receive a 40 point qualifying and race performance penalty.
e) If a team owner breaks a contract and dismisses a driver without the agreement of the driver, the team will receive a 20 championship point penalty. Exception for inactivity on behalf of the driver.
f) Team owners are not permitted to poach drivers directly. Poaching of drivers will incur a 20 point championship penalty.
g) The duration of driver loans and swaps is to be clearly defined in any contractual agreement between teams and drivers. Teams removing drivers, or drivers exiting from loan or swap prior to the end of a contract without agreement from all parties will incur a team or driver penalty.
h) The GPGSL is to be given one round notification of driver loans and swaps to allow time for mod and perf changes to be performed.
i) The GPGSL will impose contract breach penalties when a clear case of a breach can be proved.
j) A contract between a team and driver is null and void when the GPGSL or a team owner removes a driver from the series for inactivity.
h) Penalties are defined as 20 championship points for teams and 40 perf points for drivers.


Reading the rules is everybody's responsibility. Not having read the rules is no excuse in disagreements.

When you have updates to your team, want to add a flag to your name for your nationality or anything else, send a PM to a GPGSL member.
ie: (mortal, Stoopid, JohnMaverick or MDBSnake).

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And off we go! Weee!

Really excited for this one, hope I can consolidate myself among the big guys here :-) so as I said last year, let's roll!

Stats: 125 Starts / 6 Wins / 8 Poles / 5 Fastest laps
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The votes cast in the GPGSL S9 Rules and Regulations Discussion thread have been counted and the results are as follows:

1. Points (25 votes cast)
a. New points system - 5 votes
b. Old points system - 1 vote
c. Old/New points system - 19 votes

2. Pit Stops (25 votes cast)
a. One Stop - 22 votes
b. Two Stops - 3 votes

3. Qualifying (25 votes cast)
a. Season 8 one lap - 4 votes
b. Season 1-7 system - 6 votes
c. 11 consecutive cars, 6 laps (Two timed laps) - 15 votes

4. Team Boosts (19 votes cast)
a. Season 8 pyramid system - 15 votes
b. Season 1-7 system - 2 votes
c. Abolish team boosts - 2 votes

5. Driver Boosts (19 votes cast)
a. 6 boosts +50 perf points - 1 vote
b. 6 boosts +100 perf points - 15 votes
c. 4 boosts +100 perf points - 3 votes

6. Driver Starter Perf Variance (19 votes cast)
a. 600 - 2 votes
b. 500 - 13 votes
c. 400 - 4 votes

Any rule changes resulting form this vote have been made in the above post.

Let the racing begin :)

I have no Flag. :-o
Yeh, something went wrong with that. I will sort it out later :)

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No problem...
All sorted.

Drivers positions within teams are based on their final positions in the S8 Championship tables. If a team owner wishes to have a different driver order, please pm me the details. (Stu)

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Great to see a new thread, but I am massively disappointed by the outcome of the votes. Disagree with just about every single decision.

Will certainly be re-evaluating my teams commitment to Season 10 and beyond with the current state of affairs.

Edited for an unnecessarily heated comment.

Races: 163 - Wins: 23 - Pole Positions: 24 - Fastest Laps: 22
Season 9: Constructors' Champions

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Can't wait to get my hands behind the wheel again. :-)

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Glad to see the season get underway and I'm also glad with the diplomatic decision on rules. Bring it on :)

Seeing as I've pretty much become the wiki wizard, I just want to know whether these numbers on the OP are final. I made the S9 page about a week ago on guesswork, so I may need to switch a few things around.

As for the season review, I'm pretty sure it's hit the buffers at this stage as I've not had the time/motivation to get it going. Also because Dan's busy at this time of year with his actual journalistic responsibilities, I think it's best if we put it on hold. Apologies to anybody who was crazy enough to look forward to it!

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I can post what I've actually got around to doing, it's not a lot, just the reviews for Snake, Minardi and SCR if people want to see them.

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Season 9: Constructors' Champions
Ferrari2007 Schreef:
> I can post what I've actually got around to doing,
> it's not a lot, just the reviews for Snake,
> Minardi and SCR if people want to see them.

Yeah that would be cool :)

If you are racing, keep on racing and get some points!

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Okay mate, I'll wait to hear what Jake thinks, as it is really his gig.

Maikel, you haven't by and chance still got the PSDs for the Season 8 MPR have you?

Can't find the buggers anywhere.

Races: 163 - Wins: 23 - Pole Positions: 24 - Fastest Laps: 22
Season 9: Constructors' Champions
Certainly, Dan...I'd love to have a little look-see too!

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During these weeks Uni is in a kind of "reset" so I can help redacting something for the review if anyone needs it. :-)

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Scuderia Minardi

WCC: 3rd Points: 464 Team Principal: Ricardo van Smirren Wins: 3 Poles: 3

#11 - Chris Warrington
Finished: 18th Points: 148 Wins: 0 Poles: 0
Following Dean Kittleson’s unexpected sabbatical, former GPGSL champion John Warrington was lined up to take the #11 Minardi seat for Season 8. However, after only five races with the team, the four time race winner stepped down, citing performance issues with the car and instead stepped down to assist in the development of the teams all new for Season 9 Mitsubishi engines.
There were some surprised faces in the GPGSL media room at Montreal as the Dutchman announced the team’s new protégé, Chris Warrington would fill the vacant seat. While Chris, no relation to John, was thrown into the deep-end with absolutely no prior GPGSL experience, the rookie has certainly vindicated van Smirren’s gamble. The Briton proved that he is a real talent for the future with a superb second place around the streets of Monte Carlo and eight top ten finishes in just twelve races. He closed out the season with a run of six consecutive top ten finishes to help his Minardi team overhaul MPR for 3rd in the Constructors’ Championship.

Next Season
With John Warrington on the move once again, this time to MAC Racing, Chris Warrington is expected to remain with the team for Season 9. If he gets the go ahead then he will go into his first full season of racing in the GPGSL with a real chance to challenge for poles and race victories as a part of a seemingly rejuvenated Scuderia Minardi team. Warrington is certainly one to watch for the future and it was no surprise to see the Briton linked with Aston Martin Racing, as well as MPR during the close season.

#12 - Matteo Scala
Finished: 9th Points: 216 Wins: 2 Poles: 2
In a similar situation to the #11 Minardi, the #12 car also ended the season in a different pair of hands, to that which it started with. Having seen his team ScalaGP finish last in the Constructors’ Championship in Season 7, Matteo Scala made a move to Minardi to kick-start his racing career. Little did the Italian know how his season would ultimately turn out. Signed as a test-driver, the ex-teamboss impressed in Australia by taking pole and winning the test driver’s feature race. This result, coupled with an activity penalty for Ben Johnson saw Scala promoted to the race team. Seventh place in his first race since Season 4 was a sign of things to come and two races later at the Canadian Grand Prix Scala took his first win in the GPGSL. Six more points finishes would follow, with another visit to the podium in Brazil and a second victory at Magny Cours to cap off a crazy season for the Italian.

Next Season
In typical fashion, Ricardo van Smirren has left it late to confirm his driver line-up, but expect Scala to be at Minardi for Season 9 and don’t rule out a push for the Drivers’ Championship from the Italian. This season he has shown that he has all the makings of a champion and can race and beat the very best drivers in the GPGSL. If he had not missed the first three rounds of the season then he could certainly have improved on what was already a very impressive ninth overall in the Driver’s Championship.

#34 - Ricardo van Smirren
After a couple of anonymous years in the test drivers’ series, Season 8 was the first time that we saw the qualities that once made van Smirren a winner back in the day with Italian English Racing. He may have been slow to get going, with just a 12th and 18th to show after two rounds, but the eccentric Dutchman struck back at Singapore, quickest around the Marina Bay circuit as Minardi really started to hit their stride. From there four more podium finishes followed, topping the times once again as the GPGSL made its debut at the mighty Kleine Nordschleife. Van Smirren would ultimately finish the season fourth in the championship, only losing out on third to Gareth McCarthy at the final round at Silverstone, following a roll during the wet test drivers’ race.

#35 - Ben Johnson & John Warrington
The #35 Minardi seat ended up as the busiest of the season, with three drivers taking the wheel over the course of Season 8. Matteo Scala was the first man in the seat, having moved to Minardi from his own defunct team, but he swapped seats with Ben Johnson following the Brits shock demotion following the Singapore Grand Prix, a race that he had won from pole. After a single test session Johnson walked away from Minardi and the GPGSL, to be replaced by John Warrington. The man who finished 4th for Aston Martin in the Drivers’ Championship in Season 7 had joined Minardi to replace Dean Kittleson but after just five races for the team, including a fine drive to fifth in Suzuka, the ex-champion made the choice to step back to a test seat, handing the #11 Minardi to his namesake Chris Warrington, so that he could concentrate on the development of the team’s new Mitsubishi engine package. Three third place finishes for Warrington and no reliability problems show that the Mitsubishi engine could be impressive in Season 8.

The Team
With the huge upheavals faced by Minardi since the end of Season 7, going through a total of five different race drivers you’d have expected the Dutch team to have struggled, but Matteo Scala and Chris Warrington have proved to be a revelation. With four podium finishes between the pair, two of those being victories for Scala, Minardi have surged up the Constructors table this season into 3rd, pushing Team Shadow into 5th, and demoting Martini Paddock Racing to 4th at the post at Silverstone.

Next Season
Season 8 was the team’s most successful since Season 2 when it finished third behind TSS and Velox. If they hold onto Matteo Scala and Chris Warrington and after a number of seasons with Motor Moderni power can make the link-up with new engine supplier Mitsubishi work right from the off, then there is no reason why they can’t reaffirm themselves as a top team in the GPGSL next season. The team also welcomes back Keeley Grant as a tester, the GPGSL princess having last raced for the team during Season 5.

Races: 163 - Wins: 23 - Pole Positions: 24 - Fastest Laps: 22
Season 9: Constructors' Champions
Great work with VSM's review. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest, but I'm most looking forward to reading Christel's review.

Snake Motorsports

WCC: 7th Points: 385 Team Principal: Maikel de Boer Wins: 0 Poles: 0

#16 – Conner Steer
Finished: 12th Points: 196 Wins: 0 Poles: 0
Following an impressive cameo for Snake Motorsports at the close of Season 7, after the teams two drivers had gone walkies, Connor Steer, the man who reportedly has trouble steering, took three points finishes in just three appearances and earned himself a full-time drive with Snake for Season 8.

After an encouraging start to the season, with a 5th place at the second round in Adelaide and two consecutive fastest laps in Malaysia and Singapore, Steer’s season never really got going, as he only made it into the top ten twice more during the first half of the season. Steer then stunned everyone with a magical performance at Spa, starting just 13th, the Brit charged through the rain soaked field to finish a career best second. It seemed as if this would be the turning point of Steer’s season but more poor results followed, before a late flourish with a fourth place at Magny Cours, another visit to the podium with third at the Kleine Nordschleife and a special second place finish at a rain-soaked Silverstone.

Next Season
Steer has been re-signed by Maikel de Boer for another bite at the cherry with Snake Motorsports as the team look to take some consistency into Season 9. More will be expected from him next season though as he goes into his second full season as a race driver and his fourth season in the GPGSL. Steer needs to make sure he doesn’t become one of the forgotten men of the series, as it is evident from his performance at Spa that he can be a winner if it he can align all of the blocks on the day. The question for the future is how long de Boer will remain patient with the Brit.

#17 – Gary Spencer
Finished: 20th Points: 100 Wins: 0 Poles: 0
After being one of the finds of the season for Christel in Season 7, Spencer made the move over to Snake Motorsports for a shot as a race driver with the Dutch team. In a similar fashion to Conner Steer the season started encouragingly for Spencer, with a fastest lap at the season opener in Oz, followed by a second place finish at Malaysia and then fifth under the floodlights of the Marina Bay, Singapore. From there the wheels simply came off for Gary and over the next five races all he could salvage was a sixth place finish at Interlagos, resulting in him waving farewell to the GPGSL after the Spa weekend.

De Boer took the decision to promote test driver Dominic Brunner to the hot-seat, and initially it seemed that the inexperienced Austrian struggled with the pressure, but consecutive top ten finishes in the final three races of the season, including an impressive drive to 4th, following home team-mate Connor Steer at the accident packed ‘Luxembourg’ Grand Prix, show that Brunner has at least some talent.

Next Season
Brunner has also re-signed for Maikel de Boer’s Dutch institution and will be looking to build upon a strong close to Season 8. The Austrian initially struggled with his step-up to the main series, but there will be no excuses in Season 9 as Snake look to build on what has been a decent season for the team. If he can improve his qualifying performance then there is no reason why his first podium can’t follow. He is seemingly safe at the team, so as long as he can keep up his activity then expect to see him still there come the close of the season.

#38 – Dominic Brunner & Jo-Anne Hayes
Signed from Christel after a number of solid performances at the end of Season 7 in the test driver’s series, not much was expected of Dominic Brunner as he looked to compete in his first full season in the GPGSL with Snake. The inexperienced Brunner put a smile on his boss’ face at the season opener at Melbourne as he went third fastest and the Austrian generally impressed in his short spell in the #38 Snake, with a session topping time at Boromo the stand-out result.

Promoted following Gary Spencer’s dismissal, the #38 Snake remained vacant until Jo-Anne Hayes was given the nod in time for the GPGSL’s return to the A1-Ring. Hayes impressed the establishment with the fastest time in only her second session for the team at the Imola circuit, but that remained her only real result of note by the seasons end.

#39 – Mal Stoddart
In a similar vein to last season the Southern Cross and Snake Motorsports bosses once again effectively swapped seats for Season 8. After finishing 11th in the test drivers’ championship during Season 7 at the wheel of the Snake, picking up a number of top ten finishes along the way, Season 8 was very much more of the same for the Australian. The GPGSL veteran proved he still had it with a fine third in Malaysia, on a weekend when the orange and yellow Snake cars worked perfectly. He backed this up with six more top ten finishes over the course of the season to end up 14th overall.

The Team
It was a fine season for the Dutch team as they managed a best ever finish of seventh overall in the Constructors’ Championship. Following a tumultuous end to last season, losing both drivers, you could have forgiven Snake for initially struggling, but they managed to record twelve top ten finishes over the course of the season, four of those podiums. While there were no pole positions to celebrate this time around, the team did take three fastest laps over the course of the year, proving that the pace is certainly there.

Next Season
Snake are set to enter Season 9 with the same line–up as this season, giving a much needed sense of consistency to the team, following the damage caused by the upheavals during Season 7. Snake may have finished in seventh in the Constructors’ Championship, the best result in the team’s history, but surely Maikel de Boer wants more than just that for his team. You have to question whether Steer and Brunner, without a win between them, are the right drivers to push the team forward as it still looks for an elusive first win in the GPGSL as it enters its 5th season in the series.

Races: 163 - Wins: 23 - Pole Positions: 24 - Fastest Laps: 22
Season 9: Constructors' Champions
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