PACK OF THE 2013 CARS ( TEXTURES ) from Codemaster - released 14/02/2013

Posted by rracunis 
PACK OF THE 2013 CARS ( TEXTURES ) for GP4 converted from F1 Codemaster by Ricardo Ferla ( rracunis) .

The 2013 season is coming up on the next month and after requests from some members of the community I have decided to release all these 2013 cars ( textures ) which were made to the F1 Codemaster game and now converted to GP4 by myself .
The shapes are from the 2012 made by Josekast and no modifications were performed . Some guys have been working on new 2013 cars which should be release soon ( shapes and textures ) . Then you have two choices : make the download now and have fun for some time or wait for those cars which will be much better and complete than these cars released by me now .
Feel free to use these cars in your MODs or in new works but please give the credits to the authors if you will release in a public basis .


1. REDBULL – made by
2. FERRARI – made by ML2166
3. MCLAREN – made by Josekast in 2012 and updated to 2013 by Ricardo Ferla
4. LOTUS – made by Warok from Racedepartment
5. MERCEDES – made by
6. SAUBER – made by Supla from Racedepartment
7. FORCE INDIA – made by Warok from Racedepartment
8. WILLIAMS – made by Warok from Racedepartment
9. TORO ROSSO – made by
10.CATERHAM – made by Warok from Racedepartment
11.MARUSSIA - made by Mazur1k from Racedepartment

* Credits *

* Lo2k * ( for his stunning GP4builder )
* Josekast *
* Warok *
* ML2166 *
* Mazur1k *
* group *

Thank you to the authors for their stunning and careful work .



Uploaded with]RED BULL[/url]

Uploaded with]FERRARI[/url]

Uploaded with]MCLAREN[/url]

Uploaded with]LOTUS[/url]

Uploaded with]MERCEDES[/url]

Uploaded with]SAUBER[/url]

Uploaded with]FORCE INDIA[/url]

Uploaded with]WILLIAMS[/url]

Uploaded with]TORO ROSSO[/url]

Uploaded with]CATERHAM[/url]

Uploaded with]MARUSSIA[/url]

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Fantastic work!


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WOW.... (Y)
great,thanks a lot mate :) fantastic work


CoM3 oN McL4R3n.....:)

Thanks so much :)

Great stuff (Y)
hot Jobs like these is that still make me keep playing gp4 (a pity there were no newer versions), very good work.
Looks good, nice work

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Thank you so much to all for the comments (Y)
thank you
some interesting textures - the RB looks really funky
what are the tyre positions for teameditor?? i use only teameditor, no gp4 tweaker (is not working for me)
If there is a plus side this year to only having 11 teams, it means less liveries and carshapes - and also means you don't have to choose which backender to remove ;)
I am new to this forum. Please let me know how to install this mod in gp4 game as I am new to this game as well
lalboy Wrote:
> Hi
> I am new to this forum. Please let me know how to
> install this mod in gp4 game as I am new to this
> game as well

Have a look here : []
Ricardo please could you update mclaren textures?now they have a black carbon fiber texture all around the exhausts,cheers mate ;)


CoM3 oN McL4R3n.....:)
I will see , first I have to finish 2 or 3 things
thanks a lot mate,btw your inbox mail is full again ;) ;)


CoM3 oN McL4R3n.....:)
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