CSM - "no clean wad found"

Posted by CrikeyBlimey 
CSM - "no clean wad found"
Date: August 28, 2020 12:17PM
Posted by: CrikeyBlimey
Hi there,

As per the title I'm having trouble with CSM. I've been playing GP4 more or less since it came out and have been trying to get mods working for years, but never quite succeeded due to my supreme computer illiteracy :-)

I have downloaded the latest versions of GPxPatch, ZaZ Tools, the decrypted 1.02 patch etc. I've also downloaded the 1993 season pack which is the one I'm trying to load.

When I try to run CSM, I get the error message "No clean wad found. Install a clean wad by running patchdownloader or the recovery menu".

I also get a dialog box which says "Unable to retrieve list. This could have several reasons. Make sure you have configured your firewall properly or perhaps the server just timed out. Also it's possible that you can't retrieve the version list because of a proxy"

I have added all GP4-related programs to the list of firewall exceptions.

If I then navigate to the recovery menu and select "Recover", a dialog box titled CSMGUI126 appears with the error code 9.

Any ideas? There are a few very old posts about this subject, and I've followed the suggestions provided in those, but it hasn't worked for me so far.

Thanks in advance! CB
Re: CSM - "no clean wad found"
Date: September 03, 2020 03:58PM
Posted by: RusPro
Try to open "Carset Manager" file using notepad in Your Zaz tools folder/ Settings and change "OriginalWadCheck=1" to "OriginalWadCheck=0"

By the way you posted your problem on wrong forum of the site.
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