The Official 2018 British Grand Prix Thread ***SPOILERS with extra winglets added to the main winglets***

Posted by EC83 
2018 British Grand Prix

So, I'm thinking it could be a close race. Good battle for Pole yesterday!

Impressive start by Vettel, and now a fascinating race has been set up by Ericsson's crash.

Entertaining race. Generally I enjoy watching F1 this season, we've had at lot more boring years in recent times.

used to be GPGSL's Nick Heidfeld
Quality last few laps. Loved to see the Mercedes and Ferraris battling so closely!
Brilliant win by Vettel, thoroughly deserved, but great recovery drive by Lewis too.

Yeah, this season is proving to be pretty close. It's not a 1997 or a 2012, but it's much more competitive and entertaining so far than last year was.

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