The Official 2018 Formula One Season

Posted by madotter 
Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: March 11, 2018 06:23PM
Posted by: J i m
Those McLaren pitstops are unbelievable. Very unlike McLaren. It wouldn't surprise me if most of those mechanics in the video had never performance a live pit stop before. I've be flabberghasted if this crew did the pitstops at Melbourne ;)

Laton Wrote:
> I'm in the same position.
> I think it's £8.99 per race on NowTV, that's
> without watching the qualifying (which I don't
> really have time for anyway).
> I will begrudgingly pay this when I know that half
> of the races are going to be free to air on
> Channel 4. But when the exclusivity kicks in,
> that's a lot of money over the year.
> The cheapest Sky deal which includes Sky Sports F1
> is £60 PCM. I am not paying that as it is
> extortion and also I refuse to line Murdoch's
> pockets.
> In the UK they really have us by the knackers, we
> have to pay for our TV license yearly - money
> which goes straight to the BBC regardless of
> whether you view any of their channels. It is
> extortion, I'm not sure how it's legal.

I've just had an email from NowTV for what looks like a 9 month pass for the F1 channel for £150. I haven't decided if I'll take it up. It's less than half price but I also have to consider that due to my job I can't watch all the races live anyway.

Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: March 11, 2018 10:59PM
Posted by: gav
J i m
I've just had an email from NowTV for what looks like a 9 month pass for the F1 channel for £150. I haven't decided if I'll take it up. It's less than half price but I also have to consider that due to my job I can't watch all the races live anyway.

That's getting the stage where it's almost palatable, but the last time I used the Now TV app for Windows you couldn't change the screen it was shown on, so I couldn't stick on the TV. No idea what the app on the TV is like either, and I'm not willing to subscribe to test it.

If F1 was in better shape I'd consider it more, but I'm finding it really difficult to get enthused about it at the moment. I used to be giddy at this stage of the year, but I'm not even mildly excited for Melbourne yet.
Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: March 12, 2018 07:13PM
Posted by: J i m
I use NowTv via my apple devices and it airplays well enough. There's a slight delay of a minute or so in the coverage so takes some fiddling to synchronize it with the live timing.

Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: July 21, 2018 04:40AM
Posted by: EC83
I'll be surprised if Grosjean keeps the Haas seat next year. With the exception of Austria, he's been abysmal this year, seemingly running into anything that's moving and a lot of things that aren't. He's always been mistake-prone but this has been a new level of fail. Magnussen must surely be Haas's ideal choice going forward.

On the subject of TV, I have Sky F1 through Virgin Media on my flatscreen TV, which makes a great home cinema in the living room of my flat.
I know other deals are cheaper, but I find it more practical to watch TV the old-school way than to try streaming the live feed through my devices etc. I've done it in the past - most often watching the live Sky stream on my laptop - but I've found that both the airplay itself and the WiFi signal are too prone to glitches to show whole races reliably.

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Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: October 25, 2018 02:23AM
Posted by: robracer

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Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: November 27, 2018 07:29PM
Posted by: J i m
Well it’s all over for another year.

I have to say that I think Hamilton deserved it this year and he’s really elevated himself from the top group of drivers in F1 to being the top driver of F1. Its a shame that Bottas slumped again, he did have some very strong performances early on but he ultimately lacked the consistency and simply did not manage to put it altogether. Under pressure next year as he risks being dropped in favour of Ocon.

Ferrari imploded again. Vettel made far too many mistakes and Rosberg would point out you simply can’t make mistakes against Hamilton. It was also amusing seeing the team get outdone by Mercedes in the art of team orders. Nice to Raikkonen get one last win but i’m excited that they’ve chosen to promote Leclerc as he ought to put the cat amongst Vettel’s pigeons.

Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: November 28, 2018 08:16AM
Posted by: kedy89
Thoroughly deserved title for Hamilton, in a car that I felt was inferior to the Ferrari for many parts of the season. Can't recall any bigger mistake he made all season. Unlike Ferrari and Vettel, who looked strong early on, before they completely fell apart. Turning point was Hockenheim in my opinion, a race that Vettel looked set to win, before throwing it away in Sachs.

Happy that Raikkonen won another race before leaving Ferrari. Funny thing they mentioned during the Abu Dhabi ORF broadcast, Raikkonen currently is the last Ferrari champion, last Ferrari driver to win a race, and last Ferrari driver to qualify on pole :D

Bottas is an embarrassment, nothing more nothing less. Sure the car wasn't as superior as in previous seasons, but still 0 wins to Hamilton's 11 is incredibly poor. If not for Hamilton's perfect performances, and Ferrari's often sloppy ones, Mercedes wouldn't have won the WCC. Arguably Mercedes didn't want the tensity they had during the HAM-ROS years, but they should at least put in a driver who can get results when the opportunity arises.

Fingers crossed that Renault makes a big step forwards off-season, so that Hulk finally can get his first podium.

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Re: The Official 2018 Formula One Season
Date: December 05, 2018 12:33AM
Posted by: robracer
This is what the championships would look like if points were given out for qualifying positions, so basically under the current system if a driver makes it into Q3 they get points.

Drivers Standings
1st Lewis Hamilton 410 points 1st x11 2nd x3 3rd x3
2nd Sebastian Vettel 364 points 1st x5 2nd x6 3rd x7
3rd Valtteri Bottas 306 points 1st x2 2nd x7 3rd x4
4th Kimi Räikkönen 275 points 1st x1 2nd x3 3rd x4
5th Max Verstappen 192 points 2nd x2 3rd x2
6th Daniel Ricciardo 170 points 1st x2
7th Romain Grosjean 76 points
8th Esteban Ocon 64 points 3rd x1
9th Kevin Magnussen 56 points
10th Carlos Sainz 46 points
11th Nico Hülkenberg 43 points
12th Sergio Pérez 36 points
13th Pierre Gasly 26 points
14th Charles Leclerc 26 points
15th Brendon Hartley 12 points
16th Fernando Alonso 10 points
17th Marcus Ericsson 8 points
18th Lance Stroll 1 point
19th Stoffel Vandoorne 0 points
20th Sergey Sirotkin 0 points

Constructors Standings
1st Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport 716 points 1st x13 2nd x10 3rd x7
2nd Scuderia Ferrari 639 points 1st x6 2nd x9 3rd x11
3rd Aston Martin Red Bull Racing 362 points 1st x2 2nd x2 3rd x2
4th Haas F1 Team 132 points
5th Renault Sport Formula One Team 89 points
6th Racing Point Force India F1 Team 67 points 3rd x1
7th Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda 38 points
8th Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team 34 points
9th McLaren F1 Team 10 points
10th Williams Martini Racing 1 point
EX Sahara Force India F1 Team 33 points
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