Formula 1 2007 Loading Screens

Posted by Monza972 
Formula 1 2007 Loading Screens
Date: April 07, 2008 09:34PM
Posted by: Monza972

Title: Formula 1 2007 Loading Screens For Grand Prix 4
Author: Monil (Monza972)
Build Time: Who Counts That? :P
Thanks To: Big Big Thanks to Paolo (JPMFW) for sending me lots and lots of Hi Res Pictures for me to complete this project.
Thanks to the guys at Grand Prix 4 World for keeping me going and giving me loads of ideas, tips, tricks and most important of all, SUPPORT! Rock On You Guys!
Thanks to all the guys at GPG for all the support you gave me and ideas on how to make it better than it was. Keep Rocking! :D
Geoff Crammond for Creating This Game
Thanks to the GPG Server guys for hosting this file. Hope you keep hosting even more stuff!
Other Projects: Jenson Button HANs for Arai 2005
GPaedia Update 2006 - Full Season

Forthcoming Projects: GPaedia Update 2008 - Full Season
Formula 1 2008 Loading Screens For Grand Prix 4

Bugs: *The Flags
The bug with the flag at the bottom right of the screen is that, if you look closely you might be able to spot that they are not the same size in each track loading screen so please bear with me on that. Thanks :)


**NOTICE** Make a backup of your Grand Prix 4\MAPS\RESOURCES\Loading Folder as I am not responsible for anything that happens with your game and/or computer...

There are two folders which contains the Loading Screens for Grand Prix 4. A Normal Version and A Special Version. You'd probably like to know what they are so here goes...

Normal Version:

This version contains all the Loading Screens for Grand Prix 4 which are the same as the Special Versions.

Special Versions:

This version contains all the Loading Screens for Grand Prix 4 which are the same as the Normal Version. This little Special version contains a few tracks which have a different spelling in track`s country and world wide. For Example, I have put Montreal, Indianapolis, Silverstone, Nurburgring and Brazil (Indianapolis being the exception) in the folder as in Canada, Montreal is written as Montréal, In Germany, Nurburgring as Nürburgring, In Brazil, Brazil as Brasil (But you already knew that :P). I`ve put Silverstone & Indianapolis in there because some people need their the game neat by having United States than USA or Silverstone for Great Britain instead of United Kingdom, so here`s both! :D

You won`t need to rename anything as I`ve put everything in order so all you need to do is to copy the files into C:\Program Files\Infogrames\Grand Prix 4\MAPS\RESOURCES\Loading and Launch Grand Prix 4!


******License/Other Information******

These Loading Screens of the Formula 1 2007 Season can be used in any mod but to use them please ask my Permission, I`m not going to say no and I can also provide you the template to make everything easy for you. :)

These Loading Screens of the Formula 1 2007 Season are exclusive to

*Grand Prix Games


Hope you enjoy it!

Monil :)

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