GP4 Builder 2017B

Posted by Lo2k 
GP4 Builder 2017B
Date: January 03, 2017 07:17PM
Posted by: Lo2k
GP4Builder 2017B is the latest tool revision to edit Grand Prix 4 game 3D objects.
From tiny objects like helmets to complete new tracks, you can rebuild everything with this tool and preview all the changes in realtime.

I hope this tool will be of great help in the creation of many new great and working tracks for GP4.

Editing Features
- Edit vertice, faces, parts or whole objects
- Create new primitive objects
- Generate .gp4 track from .dat in one click
- Generate whole .bin from .dat file and .col files from .dat or .gp4 file
- Import objects from other .gp4 files or from .3ds files.
- Search objects by name, textures or materials
- Unlimited objects move/rotation/scaling undo function
- Add, change, delete or rename textures and materials
- Edit sunlight direction
- Create and edit track sectors and cc-line sections
- Add kerbs, fences or object shadows in one click
- Edit off track car behaviour (.col files)

Supported Formats
.gpb (GP4Builder format), .gp4 and .3ds files (3D graphics), .dat files (physical track), .col files (surfaces behaviours), .bin files (tarmac), .cfp files (crowd), .ccl files (cc-line) and .tcm files (cameras)

- Realtime Opengl Preview
- Dynamic Clipping to avoid overlapping surfaces
- Optimized code for very short loading times
- trackside and onboard cameras motion preview
- textured, untextured or wireframe display modes
- Perspective or Orthographic View

09/06/17 Update : New 2017B fixes saving issue once any object was deleted. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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open | download - GP4 Builder (2.76 MB)
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