Team Editor 3.5

Posted by Lo2k 
Team Editor 3.5
Date: October 16, 2016 06:29PM
Posted by: Lo2k
TeamEditor is an all-in-one editing tool.
It is the result of the fusion of CamEditor (Cameras editing), TyrePos & TyreSet (Tyres), TeamEditor (Performances), LiveryEditor (Team Management) and On the Gridline (Performances calculator) and goes further in Team editing and management for GP4.

- All onboard cameras editing
- Realtime preview of any modification on the 11 team's carshapes
- Textures preview through CamTextures folder (have to be converted to .tga before all)
- Car, Cockpit, Helmet and Tyre shapes directly imported from game
- Team Management and swapping
- Missing texture list built from all cars you installed in GP4
- Drivers' arm and tyre rims color editing for each team
- 4 wheels position editing (once for all cars)
- Tyre brands editing for each team
- Helmets position editing for each team
- External steering wheel position editing for each team
- Internal steering wheel and Dashboards position editing
- High Quality settings for cars, front tyres, rear tyres and helmet shapes
- Team and Driver Performances editing
- Performance Calculator to preview ingame drivers' balance
- Completely free choice of TeamEditor's data to save in .car files
- Performances files Import and Export (*.g4p/*.txt)
- Preview and management of Driver's and Grid car's images
- Windows XP Interface and 3D Display code optimisation
- New : TeamEditor User Guide + Annex dedicated to car modders
- Decrypted GP4.exe support (1.0, Fairlight 1.02, GimpRus 1.02)

Latest Changes
- Enhanced: Increased carshape order lists to 1994-2009 years
- Enhanced: 3D preview slightly displaced to maximize usage of available space
- Fixed: Crash if all carshape names have changed in cars.wad since last TeamEditor launch
- Fixed: Textures Incorrectly reported as missing
- Fixed: cockpit files were written twice in cars.wad
- Fixed: Preview was not displayed whatever the tab if performance panel was open
- Fixed: removed car tint from cars using custom named textures

open | download - (695 KB)
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