Sample Editor 1.6

Posted by Lo2k 
Sample Editor 1.6
Date: October 16, 2016 06:21PM
Posted by: Lo2k
This tool was created at Shutt1e's demand, answering a long time wait for a sound editor for GP4.
It just became possible with the help of Shutt1e and Madman, who provided me file formats descriptions necessary to build this tool.

- reads and edits .bnk (GP4) and .lvs (Le Mans 24 hours) file formats
- previews every sample double-clicking on them
- saves/loads each sample through context menu
- saves every samples at once in a given folder
- replaces any number of samples from .wav files of a given folder

Latest changes
- Last opened file is now automatically loaded at start-up
- better .wav files support at loading.

open | download - (358.8 KB)
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