Tex Resizer 3.1

Posted by Lo2k 
Tex Resizer 3.1
Date: October 16, 2016 06:16PM
Posted by: Lo2k
TexResizer is a standalone all-in-one .tex files replacement tool.

- 4 texture lods preview (RGB or Alpha layers) + Fullsize preview
- Supports DXT5 and DXT1 + Transparency .tex file formats
- Load/Save 1 or all lods from/to .tga files
- High quality lods downsampling
- Automatically sets correct size when loading non-original size .tga file
- Batch Converts all .tex to .tga or all .tga to .tex
- Associates/dissociates .tex files with TexResizer
- Change ingame used texture size up to 4096*4096 pixels

Latest changes
- New : Added 4096 texture size support
- Enhanced : Reworked interface
- Enhanced : Preview window dynamicaly adapts its size to screen resolution
- Fixed : Progress indicator was not refreshed up to the end of a batch conversion
- Fixed : GUI is now correctly displayed with 120+ dpi system settings
[New in 3.1] - Fixed : Context menu appeared each time "Save .tex File" button was used

open | download - TexResizer 3.1.zip (746.1 KB)
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