2010 BTCC by Grid Positions

Posted by ipswich2007 
2010 BTCC by Grid Positions
Date: November 30, 2010 02:24PM
Posted by: ipswich2007
if anyone's interested here's the title result if it was judged by grid results (from qualifying then x3 for the 3 races)

ignored the point for leading, point for fastest lap and point for pole - as they're not relevant here as the pole man would get all three :P

edit - actual position in brackets

anyways :

(5) 1st. Tom Chilton (ENG) 309pts
(3) 2nd. Gordon Shedden (SCO) 252pts
(1) 3rd. Jason Plato (ENG) 246pts
(11) 4th. Alex MacDowall (ENG) 240pts
(2) 5th. Matt Neal (ENG) 234pts
(4) 6th. Tom Onslow-Cole (ENG) 189pts
(10) 7th. Andrew Jordan (ENG) 93pts
(8) 8th. Rob Collard (ENG) 87pts
(12) 9th. James Nash (ENG) 81pts
(9) 10th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 78pts
(7) 11th. Mat Jackson (ENG) 57pts
(14) 12th. Fabrizio Giovanardi (ITA) 36pts
(6) 13th. Steven Kane (NIR) 24pts
(23) 14th. Sam Tordoff (ENG) 9pts
(13) 15th. Tom Boardman (ENG) 9pts
(16) 16th. Phil Glew (ENG) 6pts

Manufacturers/Constructors Championship

(2) 1st. Ford (USA) 567pts
(1) 2nd. Honda (JAP) 564pts
(3) 3rd. Chevrolet (USA) 549pts

Teams Championship

(2) 1st. Team Aon 498pts
(3) 2nd. Silverline Chevrolet 486pts
(1) 3rd. Honda Racing Team 486pts
(7) 4th. Uniq Racing with Triple Eight 132pts
(8) 5th. Pirtek Racing 93pts
(5) 6th. WSR 87pts
(4) 7th. Airwaves BMW 81pts
(6) 8th. sunshine.co.uk with Tech-Speed Motorsport 78pts
(9) 9th. Special Tuning UK 9pts

Independents Trophy
(1) 1st. Tom Chilton (ENG) 402pts
(3) 2nd. Tom Onslow-Cole (ENG) 267pts
(7) 3rd. Andrew Jordan (ENG) 216pts
(5) 4th. Paul O'Neill (ENG) 210pts
(8) 5th. James Nash (ENG) 189pts
(6) 6th. Rob Collard (ENG) 180pts
(4) 7th. Mat Jackson (ENG) 168pts
(2) 8th. Steven Kane (NIR) 114pts
(9) 9th. Tom Boardman (ENG) 78pts
(12) 10th. Fabrizio Giovanardi (ITA) 45pts
(10) 11th. David Pinkney (ENG) 33pts
(21) 12th. Sam Tordoff (ENG) 24pts
(14) 13th. Phil Glew (ENG) 15pts
(18) 14th. Daniel Lloyd (ENG) 12pts
(16) 15th. Lea Wood (ENG) 12pts
(19) 16th. James Kaye (ENG) 6pts
(11) 17th. Andy Neate (ENG) 6pts
(13) 18th. John George (ENG) 3pts

Independent Teams Trophy
(1) 1st. Team Aon 420pts
(5) 2nd. Uniq Racing with Triple Eight 258pts
(4) 3rd. sunshine.co.uk with Tech-Speed Motorsport 252pts
(6) 4th. Pirtek Racing 246pts
(2) 5th. Airwaves BMW 243pts
(3) 6th. WSR 228pts
(7) 7th. Special Tuning UK 129pts
(8) 8th. Pinkney Motorsport 81pts
(9) 9th. Central Group Racing 42pts
(10) 10th. Forster Motorsport 24pts
(11) 11th. Boulevard Team Racing 21pts
(12) 12th. TH Motorsport 12pts
(13) 13th. AmD Milltek Racing.com 12pts
(14) 14th. WRC Developments with Barwell 9pts

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