Inofficial 2014 Malaysian ePrix Thread - ***Electrified Spoilers***

Posted by xSilvermanx 
22 November 2014 Putrapaya, Malaysia

Circuit: Formula E Putrajaya ePrix
Location: Persiaran Perdana
Length: 2.5km
Turns: 12
So, your thoughts on the upcoming race? Starting time for me 07:00 (GMT+1), hope for an exciting race. Don't know what to expect though, that second race could be way less intense than the first one. Kinda worried about this tbh.

Apart from that get ready for slowest formation lap ever etc :-)
The first was saved by some good battles throughout the field and in the second half Heidfeld catching Prost, but the track was shocking, and I fear will be the standard for most of these races. This looks a touch better on paper, though turns 7 and 10 look properly tight.
Well, Punta del Este is ready, the track was tested by holding round 9 of the local motorsports championships. Here's a lap onboard a Mercedes C180 (don't mind the dull looking car, we don't have big budget official teams ;))

Stats: 125 Starts / 6 Wins / 8 Poles / 5 Fastest laps
Follow me! One time Lando Norris liked one of my tweets, so they must be good.
Exciting race again, well, except for nonexisting battle for 1st, but I guess we are used to such a situation ;-)
Great drive by Sam Bird, well deserved victory. Quickest driver on the track for the whole race.

That was poor driving from Montagny, I may add "again", in the first race he was the guy for overly aggressive moves as well, this time he took Heidfeld out. Poor Nick.

What do you think? Cars are slow enough so we can have some great professional drivers battle it out on track. I fear Formula E is losing that plus, when development is free for all.
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