Will GP3 run well on a 64 bit processor running 32 bit windows XP?

Posted by Ajayrious 
Can anyone tell me how GP3 handles hyper-threading? I know it doesn't respond overly well to Dual Core Processors so is there any reason i should stay away from a processor with this feature when i upgrade my old XP PC.

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Re: Hyper-Threading
Date: February 08, 2010 05:26PM
Posted by: drafi5
No, I have a Intel Dual Core E8500 CPU, runs fine with GP3 and 2k.

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Okay new question in the title.

I've been offered a Intel Core 2 Duo for a new PC that is basically being designed to run GP3. But a look on wikipedia tells me that this a 64 bit processor, although further googling states that it will run Windows XP 32 bit.

So if i install Windows XP 32 bit, will GP3 run as though it is a 32bit processor?
I don't think that the bits are related to how the game will run... I know that usually GP3 (under GPxPatch) won't run on Windows Vista and newer OSs...

I think that the best is to get a PC specially to run the game, more specially the Belini tracks, which are much heavier for the PC...

My config: AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000, GeForce 7200GS 512MB, 2GB RAM, XP SP3...

That's it...

Forgot to say... GP3 will run in single core mode... Even if you have a powerful dual core, its power will be halved when playing GP3, as Dual Cores didn't existed when game was released... Same about Quad Cores, which I don't think that run the game properly...

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GP3 runs fine on Vista. Runs fine on 7 (though slightly worse, as everything is with 7) too. GP32K has issues with Vista & GPxPatch, but 1.13 runs perfectly well on Vista...


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i dunno about everyone else but my solution was to install windows xp 32 bit on a seperate partition and everything runs fine just like it used too :P

I use Windows Vista SP2 32 bits, is there any way of doing GPxPatch operate this system?
My GP3 2K works, but without the patch.
I wonder also if with GP3 1.13 or GP4 it work?

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I have Grand Prix 3 running, separately I’m going to say, on XP 32 bit desktop, Vista 32 bit laptop, Vista Ultimate 64 bit loaded into Program files (x86), Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit system . All with multi layer processors, GP 3 does not use HT, I think all new processors use hyper thread technology.

The GPxPatch runs best on XP compatibility mode GP 3 runs best on Windows 98 compatibility mode. GP 3 works best IMHO on Nvidia. I have had it running on and off over the years with ATI also. All the components in the machine running happily together will make a big difference to the stability. And yes GP 4 works just fine. Running Windows XP on a partition is a good idea, In my opinion.

On a stable system GP 3 will run, have fun:-)
Here does not work, GP3.exe begins almost normal, only with some tilt in two or three tracks, but the GPxPatch not work at all, tried all compatibility modes possible.
Some time ago when it had the Vista SP1 i installed GP3 1.13 and GP4 and ran using the normal GPxPatch including, but not now test that way.
When I click to start the game in Patch it broken.

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