Screenshots - 56k for GP3 and GP3 2000 (Read the rules in 1st Post!)

Posted by quickslick 
my cockpit view

Wow! Nice resolution! I've got a similar one, but it doesn`t work properly.

Stats: 139 Starts / 7 Wins / 9 Poles / 5 Fastest laps
ok Im stupid but how do you post the screen shots. I got tons of them
Love your steering wheel panel colors!

What other chances did you do?
@ phatdaddy

I'm not completely sure but I think you have to post them first at another site where u can upload photos directly from ur HD, such as Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, etc, and then copy the URL in the photo properties in the pic that u posted and paste it into ur post here.

I think this is how u do it.

Please read the FAQ and installation guide.

Happy racing from Germany !!!

Since I've started watching Formula 1 races regularly (in 1998) I've been a Michael Schumacher fan. So now that he's back, here's my tribute, made with GP3 screenshots. Enjoy!

By the way: Happy 2010!!!

Stats: 139 Starts / 7 Wins / 9 Poles / 5 Fastest laps
And 2010 now!
M. Schumacher, 3rd, leads Hill and Hakkinen. Ralf went on to win the race in the Jordan!

A quiet lunchtime at work......

Ehi I must have this livery, looks cool :D

ye thats one cool livery

Thanks very much for the nice comments. The car is my own Mugen-Honda powered car for myself and Mark Blundell in the 1996 season.
A few edited screenshots of Schumacher at Monaco....


Drifting in Montreal...

Stats: 139 Starts / 7 Wins / 9 Poles / 5 Fastest laps
schumi taking on kobayashi at belini montreal 2008.


Kimi forever!
ooleeeo, please tell me how could you insert the 2010 HUD and where you got it. I always have problems when inserting HUDs, it would be great if you could help me. Thanks in advance!

Stats: 139 Starts / 7 Wins / 9 Poles / 5 Fastest laps
carlitox,I got the hud from 32BOBO32,ask him in pm.
read the readme to see how it works.

Kimi forever!

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