ferrari 2002

Posted by paul 
ferrari 2002
Date: February 09, 2002 06:15PM
Posted by: paul
howdy.... hey anyone seen the all dominating new ferrari f1 car? i do say it is sweet! any who i had have my force feed back wheel for about 3 weeks now and i really do like it the paddel shifting is really nice i hope gp4 will have force feed back that would be way cool well drive fast and take chances later paul....
Re: ferrari 2002
Date: February 09, 2002 06:20PM
Posted by: LS.
well forcefeed back is in gp3 you know, hopefully it will be even better in gp4,

and i quite like the ferrari liveries, the vodaphone ones, but not too sure about the white barge boards though ( hey alex, this does'nt mean i'm getting soft in my old age)

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Re: ferrari 2002
Date: February 10, 2002 04:59AM
Posted by: Ellis
Yo Sup

To me the Vodaphone logo looks like it has been randomly slapped on the side, and they made it as large as possible (to big for the side paods) to try and oust Marlboro.

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