for skaifey ;-)

Posted by mortal 
for skaifey ;-)
Date: February 18, 2002 12:48AM
Posted by: mortal
I saw yr post in the request for tracks thread and instead of a reply to it I will start here, you do know that Bathurst has been released quite a while ago, although with all aids enabled there is a go slow bug at the esses, and while I'm thinking of it the same thing is apparent for the recent release of Phillip Island ;-) Anyhoo thr on this site. Cheers

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Re: for skaifey ;-)
Date: February 18, 2002 06:37AM
Posted by: SkAiFeY
yeah i know mate.. its a nice bathurst track.. but too wide really, and not steep enuf at top of mountain, a few corners not tight enuf, and no new banners..

jstu wondering if anyone wanted to revamp it or make a new 1??

i'm not complaining though, coz i know i coudl neva make such great tracks, i suck at trackmaking

Chris C
GPTC &amp; GPVWC Manager o' CVRT
HawkEyE '01WC' Driver o' CVRT
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