Looking for Monaco 2001 made by Bruno Gourdo & Peter Hans (HW)

Posted by evroic 

Does anyone have the original version 2.01 package from 07/May/2002?

This information is in the file "Gp3form.txt"

I already have the following versions of Monaco 2001

v1.00 => 09/June/2001 => Bruno Gourdo
v1.10 => 19/June/2001 => Bruno Gourdo
v2.00 => 06/May/2002 => Bruno Gourdo & Peter Hans

Thank you in advance

Evandro ( Brazil )

After I made this post, I just found the files in the "Mega Track Collection by Elio"

I will put together an "extra official" package

I would still like to know if anyone has the original package.

Thank you in advance

Evandro ( Brazil )
yessss, i have it for you :-) [www.mediafire.com]

btw, is there a working link for elios mega track collection?

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Wow !!!

Thank you very much (Y)

When Elio published the post I downloaded the file and saved it on my backup HD.

So I use this as a big library in case I need a file that I'm not finding.

But besides that, I also like having the original packages.

Now I don't know if the links are active since Elio put them on Google Drive.

If you need something let me know.

Best regads

Evandro ( Brazil )
i think, need a lot of tracks. That's why i've asked for the link. I will ask elio, if he'll upload the track collection again
Please check your email inbox

Evandro ( Brazil )
great, thank you very much Evandro(Y)
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