Looking for active sites to get GP3 tools from with many links being dead by now.

Posted by Thrashmands 
A darn shame indeed that an old classic has been forgotten in favour of those codemasters games. Personally I think GP3 is the most keyboard friendly F1 racing sim game, at least from what I know (never forget the bugged turn on Malaysia on GP4, steering assist completely messing me up). With the internet being a mess nowadays I'm getting more search results of real F1 (or F3 because of searching for GP3 tools lol) of today than actual tool searches.

There are very limited choice of tool sites I've found from this forum too, let me know if there's some unheard ones you know of.

These days I can't seem to find a few editors anywhere apart from carset or carshape ones plus gpxpatch (I mostly use GP3Edit for carsets, already got it), I could access one link shown on one of the forum posts but none of the files are downloadable.
Well, if i was to get the ground running again on GP3 I would need the following editor programs -
GP3 Pit and Lap Edit (FOUND IT in [www.grandprixgames.org])
GP3 Record Editor (Looks like GP3Master will have to do the record editing.)
GP3 Master Career 2.0 (FOUND IT in [grandprix2.de])
A zip file or folder with a pack of carsets and shapes from 1950 to 2010 (I usually get my GP3 career starting from the 1991 carset.) <- that i'm looking for right now myself.

Well I've been slowly finding these as I speak but the google search results of today make it really hard.

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Good luck wiith this...

I don't use GP3 Record Editor and, unfortunatelly I have no historic carsets here... so, can't help you.
Well i did find an old share of googledrive archive with tons of carsets and shapes on there plus even editors but the 1950-2010 package i downloaded before would have been more convenient is all.
Please, see your private message

Evandro ( Brazil )
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