Can't install gp3-2000 via CDRom

Posted by JRAJ1999 
Can't install gp3-2000 via CDRom
Date: February 04, 2021 10:39PM
Posted by: JRAJ1999
I've installed GP3 with ease but for some reason whenever I try to install GP3-2000 it comes up with "error extracting support files access denied" when on the 800 x 600 GP3-2000 splash screen just before it goes into the installation/GP3 verification choices. I burned my CDrom onto my hard drive then mounted it with power ISO and still the same problem, it's something to do with the install wizard.

If GP3 can install on my Windows 10 PC surely my GP3-2000 can also? They're both UK/Europe editions.

If this can't be fixed is it possible someone could provide me with an installed and patched (including NOCD) version? I don't know if that abides to the forums rules, I don't know if the game is abandonware.

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Re: Can't install gp3-2000 via CDRom
Date: February 05, 2021 03:47PM
Posted by: Seguin

Try This it should work :)

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