GP3 NO CD didnt Work

Posted by ___Flanker___ 
GP3 NO CD didnt Work
Date: January 01, 2021 07:10PM
Posted by: ___Flanker___
I have downloaded one GP3 to come back to play this fantastic game after more than 15 years.
ps: 1.13 patch installed

Everything is ok and works fine, but the NO CD didnt work. i need to play with the ISO image mounted, otherwise the game will show the message "please insert the CD".
The only problem with this is, without the NO CD, a cant use the GPX Patch. :(

Somebody know how to solve that?


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Re: GP3 NO CD didnt Work
Date: January 02, 2021 10:44AM
Posted by: pippozzo
just to confirm. do you have a cd/dvd device in your pc ?
If you mean doesn't work the executable that make your gp3.exe patched (any errors ? mind you need admin privileges to run) , or otherwise it said all ok , but when you run the GpxPatch
it said to insert cd anyway ? in this case could be due to not installed any physical device into the pc, or more rarely a runtime protection antivirus of windows .
For the first problem you could sort with MagicDisc , it will install a virtual Cd device in your system , where you can also use to mount isos files or generate them. When you have the virtual unit repatch your unpatched gp3.exe and that should work.
For the problem of Antivirus runtime protection just add an exception on your GP3 folder to avoid problems.
Hope that helps. let us know which kind of problem you had.
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