Posted by HarryHamm 
Re: 2020
Date: November 05, 2020 09:21PM
Posted by: shlund
Thank you very much for your great work updating the tracks for the GP3 community (Y):-)

Have you seen this 2007-version of Imola from Scandura: [gadareth.altervista.org]

Perhaps worth a shot :-)
Re: 2020
Date: November 06, 2020 12:01PM
Posted by: shlund
pippozzo Wrote:
> I think there is not .dat file in the folder
> circuit? :-O

Agree :-) There is no .dat included.
Re: 2020
Date: November 08, 2020 06:13PM
Posted by: pippozzo
Hello guys.
Please if someone can fix the jam scenery on Imola 2020 layout. I am not so able to do.

Find Here the files.

For now,
it should appear as this.
Re: 2020 - Bahrain layout
Date: November 09, 2020 08:21PM
Posted by: shlund
It would be great if the Imola 2007 layout could be updated with 2020 adverts and other items for the present F1 tracks (new pitlights, Pit Rolex watch, garages etc)...

Have anyone considered the double header in Bahrain, second race on the 'outher ring' on the Sakhir track?

If some of our trackmakers could do the 'outher ring' layout it would be fantastic - [www.youtube.com]

If not we might have the option of using the 2010 Bahrain track version from Bellini with the extended layout or the Scandura version [gadareth.altervista.org] - just to have two different trackversions for the 2020 calendar as in real life.
Re: 2020 - Bahrain layout
Date: November 11, 2020 10:27AM
Posted by: Orloff
Sorry, lost the .dat file )
But add some autumn colours and changed some ad location

Imola 2020
( just copy & overwrite )

it is still based on 2006 layout by belini ( cannot say I adore variante Bassa but not able to remove it ))

As for Scandura's 2007 track, I don't have the its Gp3jamsh.

Pippozzo said ' Please if someone can fix the jam scenery on Imola 2020 layout. I am not so able to do.'
- seems that you just redirected jam paths to the other track jams - if so this doesn't work such way )

In addition, renewed steering wheel a bit

Steering Wheel Updated

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Re: 2020
Date: November 11, 2020 11:05AM
Posted by: shlund
This is my san3jam folder: [www.mediafire.com]

I hope all the needed files are present. Otherwise someone might have the 2004 version of Imola, which is the base for Scanduras 2007-version.

Hope you succeed to update to 2020 Imola - just as nice as the Belini version (Y)
Re: 2020
Date: November 12, 2020 02:24AM
Posted by: evroic

Here is "Imola 2004 made by Fernando Laguardia" and "Imola 2007 made by Roberto Scandura"

The name "Fix by me" refers to the fact that I have organized all the necessary JAM and JIP files in the respective folders according to the "Jam Files" structure contained in the DAT file.

So just unzip and enjoy.

In the case of 2007 I extracted the Magic Data from the original DAT and converted it to GP32K and then inserted it into the DAT.

So we have now version GP3 1.13 and GP3 2K

It is important to mention that the layout of 2004 and 2007 are different, but the two DAT files use the same file and folder structure.

Another important thing is that Shlund made updates of the JAM files to be used in the version of Roberto Scandura as mentioned in the previous post.

Another thing to mention is that Magic Data 2004 is different from Magic Data 2007

Hera are the files

Imola 2004 made by Fernando Languardia

Imola 2007 made by Roberto Scandura

Evandro ( Brazil )

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Re: 2020 - Bahrain layout
Date: November 17, 2020 12:49PM
Posted by: Orloff
Round 14, Turkey

Istanbul Park 2020

( belini's 2011 layout, with magic data changed for GP3-2000 in it )

2020 F1 CS Turkey

McLaren "A Better Tomorrow " livery & VET 'rainbow' helmet

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Re: 2020
Date: November 17, 2020 06:26PM
Posted by: shlund
Thank you very much, Orloff. Great work (Y):-)
Re: 2020
Date: November 20, 2020 05:05PM
Posted by: shlund
Soon available in download section - F1 tracks : A new version of the Imola 2007 by R. Scandura updated to 2020-version.

Please note that this track needs the original GP3 Imola track together with Imola 2004 made by Fernando Laguardia.

It is not the original new 2020-layout for Imola, but it is pretty close.

Most, but not all adverts are present on track in their right places.

Also I added a few new items that we normally see on modern F1-tracks like the Rolex clock and new pit exit lights.
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