Fix - Houston Reliant Park "UPDATE"

Posted by evroic 
Fix - Houston Reliant Park "UPDATE"
Date: March 01, 2019 03:40AM
Posted by: evroic
I have just uploaded the track to the " GP3 CART & other Tracks" download section

"2015-2016 Formula E season" and "2013-2014 IndyCar series" both were made by Shlund. All credits goes to him !!!!

What is new:

1- Fixed CC LINE at the finish line
2- Fixed starting grid ( mark position onto surface )
3- No Track Banking

The most importantly .... I setup the "Track Width"

Now the width of the track becomes the same throughout its length being equal to the version made in GP2 by Thomas Kost

Take a test and feel the difference !!!! Wow ;)

Evandro ( Brazil )

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