Deactivating steering assist in GP3 when using a keyboard

Posted by HeavyHitter 
Hey Folks,

I play Grand Prix 3 with a keyboard. I would love to fully turn off the steering assist, but I don't know, how I can do that...
I have found a post about GP4, where you can download the GP4 Tweaker and just turn it off manually.
However, I was not able to find a similar tool for GP3.

I use the GPx Patch, but I was not able to find an option there, either.

Can someone help me? Steering Assist ist really annoying.


By GP3 Edit ...
go to Tools menu item -> Driver Aids Editor . You can edit for each difficult level. however . it should be automatic deactived for a analogic joystic, don't usefull if play with keyboard.
Hey, thank you, but that was not what I was searching for...
I play with a keyboard and the steering assist in the advanced settings of the game is at 100% and it is not possible to turn it down when using a keyboard.
But I want to deactivate it completely.

My Problem is, even if i turn it off by pressing F4, it is still at 100% on as seen in the advanced settings.


have a look this post, by Ellis.

You cannot turn off steering assistance in Grand Prix 3 if you are using a digital game controller (i.e., a joystick, gamepad, or the keyboard).

Actaully you can. If u set up a new contorller set and simply tell GP3 that ur contorller is analogue (even if its digital) then it works

I also have the problem with the car moving when it is supposed to be idle

Real F1 cars do do this too. Do a search for tech details

Thank you for the hint...

Do you have a idea how to do that?
When i put it in "Steering Wheel" mode, i have to calibrate it. Pushing different buttons on the keyboard will not help, so the program takes me back to keyboard mode.


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