MOD 2023

Posted by FabiuZ-87 
Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 27, 2024 09:59PM
Posted by: OboroHD
OgroDangerous Wrote:
> segue o link:
> []
> 2023_GPRACE.rar/file

bruh that's a stolen mod
Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 28, 2024 01:23AM
Posted by: OgroDangerous
bruh that's a stolen mod

What do you consider stolen? Someone grabbing the link of a mod shared here and putting it on their own site? If it's not being sold and if they don't remove the credits, I don't see a problem with it. I'm actually thinking of making a website and adding a downloads section with all the mods I've been collecting. Is that stolen? You guys need to understand that here, despite the need to be registered to participate in the forum, it's a place where anyone, from anywhere in the world, has access and can download and enjoy the updates. If it's available here, there's no reason to complain if A or B make the downloaded mod available on their own site, again, as long as they maintain the credits of the authors, or else, don't make it available. These complaints are a waste of time, if GPRace were selling the mods, I would agree, but everything there is free and in the same way, mods not produced by Thiago are referenced. Besides Fogun's blog, I don't see any other site that provides all the modifications in one place. Here we have to fish through the posts.

I am defending Thiago, the judgment is misguided. F1 Virtual also provides many tracks. What do I have to do, send a presidential letter requesting authorization to use in a mod? Authorization? If it's available on social media, it's freely accessible to anyone. I don't feel comfortable asking for authorization from anyone on this forum to use a car, track, or whatever modification, if it's available to anyone, there's no need. There is indeed a great deal of preciousness and a lot of vanity in these cases. The other day I saw a post where a member was waiting for authorization to launch the mod made by him here on the forum. That's hilarious. Give credit where it's due? OK. But asking for authorization? For me, that's too much! If you don't want people to use it without "authorization," don't make it available or put passwords on the files, right?

And responding to what was said above: Stolen to me is taking a mod and changing the authors.
Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 28, 2024 03:13AM
Posted by: GP4Addicted
***Moderators, please delete this message.***

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Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 28, 2024 03:58AM
Posted by: OgroDangerous
I see your problem is personal with him. I've seen other posts of yours referring to him. I left my opinion here, about the forum and the people here. My interest here is learning and this is good for the forum, plus one to keep gp4 alive. You will never see me fawning over A or B, everyone is important, those who do it, those who use mods for fun. Knowing less than you doesn't diminish me in any way, I know what I am and I have an informed opinion without fear of reprisals, because I don't owe anything to anyone here. Many here have my respect for work and effort, but they don't have my admiration, due to their exacerbated vanity.
Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 28, 2024 04:41PM
Posted by: JCaranti
OgroDangerous Wrote:


Who the hell are you tell what people can do with their published works????

Thiago Rocha in his web he has put 18 track updates THAT ARE MINE and HE HAS NOT CREDIT ME. Do you understand??????
And you defend him? You should really be ashamed.

I dont know if your ignorant or innocent !!.

2010 to 2021 Gp4 Track updates
Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 28, 2024 11:28PM
Posted by: OgroDangerous
Quem diabos é você para dizer o que as pessoas podem fazer com seus trabalhos publicados????

Não sou ninguém, apenas é a minha opinião. Sobre suas trilhas, sinto muito. Não são minhas e se fossem, não me importaria. Vaidade em excesso.
Se está na rede, está para qq pessoa que queira baixar , usar ou fazer o que bem entender. Vai de cada um.
Não tenho problemas com ninguém aqui, nem com o Thiago e muito menos com vc.
Deveria procurar um terapeuta para se tratar. Vc dá muita importância pra coisas pequenas.
Tem vida lá fora, fora do forum, fora do jogo gp4. Viva sua vida, aproveite o tempo que lhe resta!
Esquece essa vaidade tola!
e vê se me erra!

Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 29, 2024 05:59PM
Posted by: jcgrj
We are a community with different opinions,

So let's respect JCARANTI claim about the tracks.
I think he have the right to complain if somebody uses his work without CREDITS.

But this discussion will not make any good for anyone.

FOCUS on delivery and testing what is produced. Let's finish this subject guys!!!



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Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 30, 2024 02:30AM
Posted by: SakuMiku
At least we've found Thiago's boyfriend ;)

A Scotsman in Indonesia. A fan of the Far East & all their drivers & an advocate of women in motorsport / GPGNC - S3: Team Philippines, S4/S5: Team Japan, S6: Team Indonesia (S6 runner-up)
Re: MOD 2023
Date: March 30, 2024 06:43AM
Posted by: GP4Addicted
SakuMiku Wrote:
> At least we've found Thiago's boyfriend ;)

Finnaly, i got it! Haha.
You are the community comedian.
Actually, sarcasm is not my prefered type about comedy, but it is funny anyway.
Cheers. (H)
Re: MOD 2023
Date: April 01, 2024 04:29AM
Posted by: malmattos
Discuções a parte, eu tinha esse mod em outra instalação e estava ok, porem depois q formatei o pc e reinstalei (estou reinstalando) as coisas ele ta com um bug no pneu. aparentemente a textura parece estar fora de lugar. tvz problema de resolução, mas meu GP4 esta bugando, nem muda.
alguem tem alguma dica?

Qto a discução, agradeço quem fez mas me preocupo mais em fazer funcionar do que discutir de quem é o credito, rs
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